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 Pigot & Co's directory of Essex 1823/24    Q  -  Z

Original transcription by:
Mike Foster, Wellington, New Zealand July 1995

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QUICK John Maldon plumber/painter/glazier
QUILTER Edward Halstead saddler, High St
QUILTER J Colchester tailor, Barrack Street
QUILTER Thomas Colchester saddler/harness mkr, Head gate
QUILTON Ambrose Waltham Cross plumber/painter/glazier
QUIN Thomas Maldon academy, classical, gents' boarding
QUINNEY John Withambasket maker
QUY Thomas Rochford cabinet mkr/upholstr, ironmgr, auctnr
QUY William Rochford cabinet maker etc (as Thomas ?)
RADFORD Paul Chelmsford, rope maker, Moulsham
RADFORD Thomas Stratford pawn broker
RADLEY Elizabeth Ilford grocer &c
RADLEY (& WADE) Ilford farriers
RAISEN John Harwich grocer etc
RAM John Witham tailor & draper
RAM John Witham fire office agent, Royal Exchange
RAM William Dunmow butcher
RAMPLEE James Maldon boot & shoe maker
RAMSAY Henry Billericay, gardener & seedsman
RAMSDEN John Thaxted millwright, Mill End
RAND Joseph Chelmsford, perfumer, Condut Street
RAND William Colchester tailor, East Street
RAND William Colchester tavern, Bishop Blays, W Stockwell St
RANDALL L Dunmow corn factor
RANDALL Richard Dunmow wheelwright
RANDALL Richard Dunmow maltster
RANDFIELD Robert Harwich PH/tavern, The Bell
RANDFIELD William Harwich coal merchant
RANKIN Joseph Epping linen/woollen draper, High Street
RANTELL John Thaxted wheelwright, Stoney Lane
RATCLIFF John Chelmsford, maltster, Baddow Lane
RATCLIFFE William Dunmow painter/plumber/glazier
RATTEY William Waltham Abbey baker, Bridge St
RATTEY William jnr Waltham Abbey baker, Sun St
RAVEN Henry Romford surgeon, High Street
RAVEN John Coggeshall, general dealer in groceries &c
RAVEN William Braintree, carrier, carts to Chmsfd/Colch/Dunmow
RAVEN William Braintree, baker, High Street
RAVEN William Colchester china/glass w'house, High St
RAVEN (DAY &) Saffron Walden milliner, High Street
RAWLINGS Daniel Chipping Ongar, innkeeper, King's Head, High St
RAY Robert Saffron Walden wheelwright, Black Swan Street
RAY Thomas Romford, baker, High Street
RAYMOND Sarah Maldon butcher
RAYNER Abraham Halstead carpenter & joiner, Colchester Road
RAYNER Charles Chelmsford, tailor/draper, Duke Street
RAYNER Henry Chelmsford, tailor/draper, High Street
RAYNER M & J Chelmsford, coal mchts, Moulsham
RAYNER William Romford butcher, High St
RAYNER & SHAIRP Colchester hat maker, High Street
RAYNHAM William Rochford veterinary surgeon
READ Zachariah Chelmsford public house, "Cross Keys", Moulsham
REDDINGTON Isaac Harlow tailor &c, High Street
REDDINGTON William Harlow millwright, High Street
REDDINGTON William Harlow miller, High Street
REDHEARD William Saffron Walden tailor/draper, Market Hill
REEVE John Chelmsford public house, "King's Arms", Moulsham
REEVE John Stratford inn/PH, King's head
REEVE Joshua Braintree fire office agt, Phoenix, Bocking-end
REEVES Samuel Romford inn/PH, The Lamb
REFFELL John Waltham Abbey PH, Greyhound
RENNESON (& TARRY) Southend bookslrs/stationers/library/perfumers
RENWICK John Walthamstow boot/shoe maker
REVILL Sarah Romford grocer, High St
REYNOLDS William Dunmow, grocer, tea dealer etc
RICHARDS John Dunmow joiner/builder
RICHARDSON Charles Rochford hdresser, stationer, Norwich Union agt
RICHARDSON Daniel Billericay, butcher
RICHARDSON James Billericay, butcher
RICHARDSON John Saffron Walden hatter, Market Place
RICHARDSON John Coggeshall, innkeeper, "Fleece"
RICHARDSON Thomas Saffron W builder/joiner, Pudding Lane
RICHARDSON Thomas Saffron Walden lime dealer, Lime Kilns
RICHMOND J Chelmsford, civil engineer, Duke Street
RICHMOND John Chelmsford, watch/clock mkr, Duke Street
RICKARD John Saffron Walden maltster, Castle Street
RICKARD Robert Saffron Walden ironfounder, Mill Lane
RICKETTS William Waltham Abbey PH, The Angel
RIDER William Saffron W, blacksmith, Swan Street
RIDER William Saffron Walden ironfounder, Black Swan St
RIDGLEY Willam Colchester butcher, Magdalen St
RIDGWELL John Thaxted boot/shoe maker, Town Street
RILEY Samuel Maldon leather breeches mkr & glover
ROBERTS James Walthamstow boot/shoe maker
ROBERTS Mary Halstead milliner, High Street
ROBERTS Thomas Coggeshall, tailor
ROBERTS Thomas (Revd)Chelmsford, grammar school, Duke Street
ROBINSON Charles Ilford baker
ROBINSON James Coggeshall, general dealer in groceries &c
ROBINSON John Colchester saddler/harness mkr, North Hill
ROBINSON John Colchester linen draper, High Street
ROBINSON Stephen Saffron Walden maltster, Gold Street
ROBINSON Stephen Saffron W, corn factor, Cucking Stool End
ROBINSON Thomas Romford printer, Market Place
ROBINSON William Grays baker tec
ROBINSON William Stratford butcher
ROCHFORD Thomas Billericay carrier, weekly van to Southend
ROFE William Stratford wheelwright
ROFF Thomas Prittlewell PH/Inn, Blue Boar Inn
ROGERS Daniel Safron Walden watch/clock maker, High St
ROGERS George Manningtree surgeon
ROGERS Misses Coggeshall, academy
ROLFE John Colchester brewer, Hythe
ROLPH Billericay (& Goodman), brewer, wine mchts, &c
ROLPH George Billericay, draper/grocer, auctioneer
ROLPH Joseph Chelmsford, saddler, Duke Street
ROLPH William Billericay, agt to Essex fire/life office
ROOFE C B Colchester boot/shoe maker High St
ROOKE Ash Romford stay maker, Market Place
ROOT William Billericay, hair dresser
ROPER Sarah Grays, ladies' academy
ROUND Colchester Banker, High St (Crickitt, R & Co)
ROUND John Rochford draper, grocer, glass/china dlr
ROUSE John Colchester ironmonger, High Street
ROUSE William Colchester baker, High St
ROVELAND Mary Anne Harwich PH/tavern, The Angel
ROWLAND ---- Ilford smith and bell hanger
ROWLAND Phillip Colchester brushmaker, Middleborough
ROWLANDS Thomas Epping chemist/druggist, High Street
ROWLAY John Stratford grocer &c
ROWLES M A Rochford straw hat maker
ROWLES Thomas Rochford grocer etc
RUDD William Walthamstow baker
RUDKINS Misses Halstead academy, Colchester Road
RUFFELL John Witham carrier, 2 weekly waggons to London
RUFFLE (CRICKITT &) Maldon bankers
RULE Benjamin Witham nursery & seedsman
RUMBELL Joseph Chelmsford, tailor/draper, Moulsham
RUMSEY John Maldon baker & biscuit maker
RUMSEY John Colchester tavern, Green Dragon. Culver lane
RUSE James Colchester tailor, Wyre Street
RUSE Stephen Saffron Walden miller, Mill Lane
RUSHFORTH William Saffron Walden wheelwright, Black Swan Street
RUSSELL Chelmsford banker High St (Crickett Russell & Co)
RUSSELL John Coggeshall, innkeeper, "The Swan"
RUSSELL John snr Coggeshall, gardener and seedsman
RYGATE Richard Grays innkeeper, Theobald's Arms
SACH James Colchester, groceries &c, Hythe
SACH Samuel Coggeshall, currier and leather cutter
SACH Thomas Colchester grocer, High St
SADD John Maldon surveyor/bldr, shipowner/carrier London
SAGE Mrs Romford, boarding/day sch, Market Place
SAINTY Phillip Colchester shipbuilder, Hythe
SALLOWS & GRIMWOOD Colchester wine/spt mcht, Head St
SALMON Francis Harwich baker
SALMON John Colchester linen draper, High Street
SALMON Robert Colchester wine/spt mcht, High st
SALMON Thomas Rochford wine & brandy merchant
SALTMARSH James Chelmsford boot/shoe maker, Moulsham
SALTMARSH James Chelmsford public house, "Anchor", Moulsham
SALTMARSH John Chipping Ongar, blacksmith, High Street
SALTWELL Robert Walthamstow carpenter
SAMMS James Colchester carpenter, Butt Lane
SAMS John Southend poulterer
SAMSON Thomas Ilford hat maker
SANDERS I M Witham ironmonger
SANDERS James Harlow boot/shoe maker, High Street
SANDFORD John Rochford boot/shoe maker
SANDFORD William Billericay, tailor
SANDS Joseph Witham grocer
SANSUM J Harwich attorney, shpping agent, notary
SANSUM John Harwich boot/shoe maker
SANSUM William Coggeshall, innkeeper, "The Bull"
SAREL George Chelmsford, innkeeper, Wheat Sheaf, Duke Street
SARGANT George Colchester linen draper, High Street
SARGEANT Colchester, attorney, Back La (Sargeant & Perry)
SAUNDERS George Braintree innkeeper, The Falcon, High Street
SAVAGE Maria (Mrs) Colchester, Post Mistress, Head Street
SAVILL Elizabeth Walthamstow grocer
SAVILL George Colchester wine/spt mcht, Back Lane
SAWER Coggeshall, silk throwster (& in Coventry & Ldn)
SAXBY Job Harwich bookseller/stationer/perfumer
SAXTY John Colchester tailor/woollen draper, Eld St
SAYER Joseph Witham baker
SAYERS William Southend butcher & brickmaker
SCOTT Edward Chelmsford boot/shoe maker, Conduit Street
SCOTT George Colchester tailor, High Street
SCOTT John Colchester corn dealer, Hythe
SCOTT John Colchester coal merchant, Hythe
SCOTT T Colchester carpenter, North Hill
SCOTT Thomas Colchester coach maker, North St
SCOTT Thomas Rochford confectioner & toy dealer
SCOTT Thomas Rochford, mail cart to Leigh/Hadleigh daily
SCOTT Thomas Chelmsford, maltster, New Street
SCOTT William Colchester tavern, Crown & Punchbowl, E Street
SCOVELL James Colchester bricklayer East Street
SCOWEN John Colchester baker, East St
SCRIVENER Thomas Manningtree linen draper
SCRUBY Anna Chipping Ongar postmistress
SCRUBY James Chipping Ongar, cooper, High Street
SCRUBY James Dunmow maltster
SCRUBY Mary Chipping Ongar, milliner, High Street
SCRUBY William Chipping Ongar, cooper, High Street
SEABORNE John Colchester tavern, Ship, Head Gate
SEABROOK Thomas Grays bricker & merchant
SEAGER George Colchester tavern, Bugle Horn, Barrack St
SEALEY Charles Braintree innkeeper, Wheat Sheaf, High Street
SEAMAN Robert Colchester tailor/woollen draper, North Hill
SEAMAN Shadrack Colchester tavern, Fleece, Head Street
SEAMER Mary Saffron Walden breeches maker, High St
SEARLE James & Co Saffron W linen/woollen draper, Market Street
SEARLE James & Sons Saffron Walden tailor/draper, Market St
SEARLE James & Sons Saffron Walden maltster, Cucking Stool End
SEARLE Son & Co Saffron W, bankers, High Street
SEBBORN Thomas Colchester gardener/seedsman, High St
SEVERN B P Epping, ran an academy, High Street
SEWELL Alfred Halstead maltster, Chapel Street (& Joseph)
SEWELL Decimus Maldon attorney
SEWELL Isaac Halstead corn miller, Boy's Hall
SEWELL James Dunmow, glassware & earthenware
SEWELL Joseph Halstead maltster, Chapel Street (& Alfred)
SEWELL Joseph Dunmow, grocer, tea dealer etc
SEWELL Joseph Dunmow linen/woollen draper
SEWELL Robert Halstead academy, High Street
SEYMOUR Samuel Harlow grocer, tea dlr, Mulbery Green
SHALES Thomas Stratford tailor
SHANSFIELD William Manningtree linen draper, grocer, tallow chandler
SHARE William Colchester tavern, Red Lion, High Street
SHARMAN Lionell Colchester coach maker, East St
SHAVE James Braintree brazier/tinman/ironmgr, High Street
SHAVE William Colchester linen draper, High Street
SHAW Billericay (Shaw & Ward), attorneys &c
SHEAD Mary Manningtree PH/Inn, The Packet
SHEARCROFT Thomas Braintree bookseller, High Street
SHEARS Elizabeth Maldon stone mason
SHED William Dunmow miller, and kept Bell Tavern
SHEEPY Michael Southend surgeon
SHEPHERD Joseph Colchester brewer, Botolph St
SHEPPARD (& GOOD) Saffron W, attorneys, Cate's Corner
SHEPPEE John Chelmsford currier, Conduit Street
SHIPSTONE Francis Stratford butcher
SHOOBRIDGE Hoffgard Witham miller
SHOVELL? James Colchester tavern, White Horse, East St
SHRIMPTON Ann Grays innkeeper (Bull's Head) & post office
SHUTTLEWORTH Sarah Chelmsford public house, "Good Woman", Widford
SHYN James Maldon tavern/PH, The Blue Boar
SIFFKEN Misses Ilford academy, ladies' boarding
SILK Thomas Saffron Walden tailor/draper, Church St
SILKE William Manningtree surgeon
SIMMONS George Halstead baker & flour dealer, High Street
SIMPOLE John Halstead grocer, Market Hill
SIMPSON George Colchester painter/plumber &c, Crouch St
SIMPSON Robert Colchester tin plate worker, High St
SIMPSON William Chelmsford boot/shoe maker, High Street
SIMS Joseph Witham spirit merchant
SINFIELD John Walthamstow locksmith, bells &c
SITCH Malen Romford carrier, High Street, waggon to London
SIZER John Manningtree PH/Inn, The Cock
SKIKELTHORPE (& BAKER) Stratford plumber/painter/glazier
SKINGSLEY Henry Coggeshall, tailor and draper
SKITTER Robert Colchester tavern, Three Cups, High Street
SLATER G Epping wheelwright, High Street
SLATER Gabriel Epping blacksmith, High Street
SLATER Mrs Ilford academy, ladies' boarding
SLYTH & LUFKIN Colchester statuary/mason, High Street
SMART David Saffron Walden wood turner, Castle St
SMITH Walthamstow surgeon (Smith Broome Pinhiger)
SMITH Ann Grays bargeowner, trading to St Catherine's &c
SMITH Catherine Colchester, groceries &c, East Hill
SMITH Charles Halstead carrier, weekly waggon to Aldgate
SMITH Daniel Chelmsford, silversmith &c, Conduit Street
SMITH Edward Witham linen draper
SMITH Elizabeth Witham milliner & dress maker
SMITH George Chelmsford, grocer, High Street
SMITH George Chipping Ongar, saddler, High Street
SMITH George Saffron Walden PH, Grey Hound, Cucking Stool End
SMITH Gilbert Braintree, academy, London Road
SMITH J Jnr Colchester boot/shoe maker Magdalen St
SMITH James Harwich carpenter
SMITH John Halstead boot/shoe maker, High Street
SMITH John Colchester corn dealer, East hill
SMITH John Colchester tavern, Angel, High St
SMITH John Maldon currier & leather cutter
SMITH John Colchester tavern, Mitre, East Hill
SMITH Joseph Colchester brewer, Hythe St
SMITH Joseph Colchester coal merchant, Hythe St
SMITH Mary Saffron Walden milliner, Market St
SMITH Richard Coggeshall, silk throwster
SMITH Richard Waltham Abbey PH, White Horse
SMITH Samuel Thaxted miller, Town Street
SMITH Sarah Braintree bookseller, High Street
SMITH Susannah Southend, ran a ladies' academy
SMITH T Waltham Abbey PH, The Cock (& Excise Office)
SMITH Thomas Rochford butcher
SMITH Thomas Halstead painter/glazier etc, High Street
SMITH Thomas Saffron Walden tanner, Horn Lane
SMITH W P Chelmsford, straw hat maker, High Street
SMITH William Colchester wine/spt mcht, Head Street
SMITH William Billericay, breeches maker and glover
SMITH William Dunmow tavernkeeper, Chequers
SMITH William Braintree blacksmith, near the church
SMITHSON John Romford tailor, Market Place
SMYTHIES Francis Colchester, attorney, North Hill
SNAZELL Ambrose Colchester musical instrument repairer, High St
SOPWITH Henry Prittlewell surgeon & apothecary
SOPWITH James Prittlewell grocer etc
SOUTH James Halstead baker & flour dealer, Heddingham La
SOUTHEY S Romford leather breeches maker, Market Place
SOWMAN James Colchester straw hat maker, East Street
SPARROW Halstead bankers (Sp, Brown, Hanbury & Co)
SPARROW Billericay, banker
SPARROW Chelmsford banker, High St (Sparrow, Brown & Co)
SPARROW Samuel Halstead tailor, High Street
SPARROW & Co Braintree, bankers, High Street
SPARROW (BROWN & Co) Witham bankers
SPATCHETT Hanson Ilford tailor
SPAULL Barnard Harwich boot/shoe maker
SPELLER Abae Chelmsford, saddler, High Street
SPENCER Jabez Waltham Abbey linen draper, Sun St
SPENCER Robert Maldon cooper
SPENCER Thomas Chelmsford, watch/clock maker, Duke Street
SPICER Jane Saffron Walden post mistress
SPICER Miss Saffron W, ladies' academy, Church St
SPICER Philip Saffron Walden tailor/draper, Market St
SPICER Richard Saffron W, blacksmith, George Lane
SPICER Seamer Saffron W, butcher, Market Street
SPICER Waite Saffron W Fire Office agt, Hope, Butter Mkt
SPICER Waite Saffron W grocer/tea dealer, Butter Mkt
SPICER William Saffron W, blacksmith, Gold Street
SPICER William Saffron Walden PH, The George, George lane
SPOONER John Manningtree baker
SPRACKLIN John Colchester baker, Magdalen St
SPRAGUE Samuel Coggeshall, Post Master, at the Chapel Inn
SPRAGUE Samuel Coggeshall, innkeeper, "Chapel Inn"
SPURDEN Colchester, brewer's agent
SPURDEN OSBORNE & Co Colchester wine/spt mcht, Culver St
SPURDON Osborn & Co Colchester coal merchant, Hythe
SPURGE James Romford inn/PH, Fox and Hounds
SPURGE Willam Coggeshall, perfumer and hair cutter
SPURGEON William Halstead furniture broker, Heddingham Lane
STAFF George Romford straw hat maker, High St
STAFFORD J Romford bricklayer, High St
STAINES John Halstead saddler, Market Hill
STAINES Richard Halstead butcher, High Street
STANES Robert Colchester boot/shoe maker High St
STANLEY Henry Billericay, attorney (also at Gravesend)
STARKEY Henry Chipping Ongar, baker & flour dealer, High Street
STARLING James Saffron Walden spirit merchant, Church St
STARNES James Romford gun maker & wh/smith, High Street
STEBBING Ann Billericay, straw hat maker
STEBBING John Billericay, tailor and draper
STEBBING Samuel Chelmsford, draper, High Street
STEBBING Samuel Chelmsford, tailor/draper, High Street
STEDMAN Richard Billericay, chemist/druggist, stationer
STEEL Banjamin Coggeshall, bricklayer
STEEL Miss Witham ladies' boarding academy
STEGGALL Charles Colchester grocer, Botolph St
STENT John Stratford miller
STEPHENSON Thomas Walthamstow inn/PH, The Cock
STERRY & TWEED Romford, attorneys, Hornchurch La
STEVEN Mrs Manningtree plumber etc
STEVENS Francis Harwich baker
STEVENS Henry Maldon attorney
STEVENS John Stratford linen draper
STEVENS Mary Harwich grocer etc
STEVENS William Colchester tavern, Red Cow, Harwich Road
STEWARD William Maldon boot & shoe maker
STEWARDSON William Dunmow, grocer, tea dealer etc, ironmonger
STOCK Edward Braintree miller, Bocking
STOCK James Billericay, corn factor
STOCK William Chelmsford, painter/plumber, Moulsham
STOKER Matthew Laytonstone carrier, daily cart to London
STOKES Edward Saffron Walden saddler, High Street
STOKES Elizabeth Epping innkeeper, The Cock, High St
STOKES John Chelmsford, tallow chandler, New Street
STOKES Richard Stratford inn/PH, The harrow
STOKES Richard Epping innkeeper, Epping Place, High St
STOKES Richard Chipping Ongar, academy, High Street
STOKES Thomas Witham farrier
STONE Nathaniel Thaxted baker etc, Town St
STONE William Grays, surgeon and apothecary
STONEHAM Thomas Chelmsford, tallow chandler, High Street
STOW Jacob Maldon baker & biscuit maker
STRAIGHT Samuel Chelmsford, grocer, High Street
STREETER Charles Waltham Abbey butcher, High Bridge St
STREETER Thomas Waltham Abbey butcher, High Bridge St
STRIBLING Isaac Manningtree ironmgr/brazier/tinsmith (& Mistley)
STRUTT George Romford perfumer/haircutter, High St
STRUTT H Colchester tavern, Coach & Horses, Middleboro
STRUTT J Braintree innkeeper, White Lion, Coggeshall Lane
STRUTT James Romford farrier, High St
STRUTT Mary Romford grocer, High St
STRUTT Thomas Colchester painter/plumber &c, Culver St
STUBBINS Sh. Braintree innkeeper, The Crown, Coggeshall Lane
STUCK Hannah Coggeshall, straw hat maker
STUCK John & Son Colchester boot/shoe maker Nicholas St
STUCK Joseph Halstead boot/shoe maker, High Street
STUCK Matthew Coggeshall, cabinet maker
STURGEON John Thaxted smith, Mill End
STUTTLES Westaby Colchester shipbuilder, Hythe
SUCKLING James Dunmow linen/woollen draper, tailor
SUCKLING William Braintree painter/plumber, High Street
SUDBURY Robert Halstead bricklayer, High Street
SUDBURY William Halstead bricklayer, High Street
SUMNER Rev J N Rochford Parsonage House
SUNRIDGE Thomas Epping copper, High Street
SURRIDGE Thomas Colchester baker, Barrack St
SURRY James Saffron W, baker & flour dlr, Cucking Stool End
SURRY James Saffron Walden confectioner, Cucking Stool End
SUTTON Henry Halstead tailor, High Street
SWAINE Thomas Rochford physician
SWAYNE W P Grays hair dresser
SWEETENBOURG A & M Chipping Ongar, milliners, High Street
SWINBORNE William Coggeshall, currier and leather cutter
SWINBORNE & WALTER Colchester fire/life agt, Pelican, High St
SWINBORNE (& Walter) Colchester bkseller & printer, High St
SYLVESTER William Southend brewer/coal mcht/malt & hops
SYRITT Francis Maldon tavern/PH, Queen's Head
TABOR Philip Romford inn/PH, King's Arms
TABOR Robert Colchester coal merchant, Hythe
TABOR Samuel Colchester wine/spt mcht & brewer, Botolph St
TABRUM & PARKES Colchester grocer/chandler, East Street
TALBOT J B Colchester printer, East Hill
TALBOT Roger Romford surveyor, High Street
TANNER John Laytonstone inn/PH, The Red Lion
TARRANT Elizabeth Thaxted baker etc, Town St
TARRANT Michael Stratford tailor
TARRY (RENNESON &) Southend bookslrs/stationers/library/perfumers
TAUSE M Walthamstow grocer
TAUSE Mrs Walthamstow, kept a post box
TAVENER James Chelmsford public house, "King's Head", High St
TAYLOR Carr Stratford butcher
TAYLOR George Harwich boot/shoe maker
TAYLOR George Stratford ironmonger
TAYLOR Jeremiah Southend PH, Castle Inn
TAYLOR John Dunmow butcher
TAYLOR John Maldon tailor
TAYLOR John Colchester cabinet mkr, High St
TAYLOR John Colchester auctioneer, High St
TAYLOR Peter Dunmow cabinet maker
TAYLOR R & J Dunmow butcher
TAYLOR Richard Grays boot and shoe maker
TAYLOR Samuel Braintree innkeeper, Black Lion, The Square
TAYLOR William Grays innkeeper, The White hart
TEAGUE Joseph Laytonstone statuary and mason
TEBBENHAM James Colchester butcher, East Hill
TERBING John Maldon ironmonger
TERRY Ann Romford milliner/dressmkr, Market Place
TERRY John Chelmsford, basket maker, Moulsham
THEOBALD John Hudson Colchester grocer, Wyre Street
THOMAS David Stratford inn/PH, Green Man
THOMAS John Gt Burstead vicar
THOMAS John Saffron W, currier & leather slr, Leather Lane
THOMAS Robert Chipping Ongar, innkeeper, "Cock", High Street
THOMAS Thomas Chelmsford, innkeeper, "Windmill", Moulsham
THOMASIN James Coggeshall, tanner
THOMASON George Wm Stratford whitesmith
THOMASON James Witham brush maker
THOMASON R G Walthamstow tailor
THOMPSON James Waltham Cross linen draper
THOMPSON Mary Billericay, Red Lion Inn
THOMPSON Matthew Saffron Walden fancy hatter/clothier, High St
THOMPSON Richard Saffron W builder/joiner, Bridge End
THOMPSON Thomas Romford perfumer/haircutter, High St
THOMPSON Thomas Harwich PH/tavern, Jolly Sailor
THOMPSON Thomas Waltham Abbey grocer/tallow &c, Sun St
THOMPSON Urbanus Waltham Abbey tinsmith/brazier, Church St
THOMPSON William Manningtree surgeon, Mistley
THORBY Thomas Colchester fire/life agt, Suffolk, High St
THORBY Thomas Colchester haberdasher, High Street
THORN Henry Colchester grocer, High Street
THORN James Colchester wine/spt mcht, Crouch St
THORN James Rochford butcher
THORN James Colchester auctioneer, Crouch St
THORN John Rochford draper, grocer, tallow chandler
THORNE Chelmsford, miller, Moulsham (Lowe & Thorne)
THORNE Chelmsford, coal mchts (& Lowe) Moulsham Mill
THORNE William Prittlewell butcher
THORNINGTON James Colchester tavern, Ship, East Hill
THORNTON John Billericay, independent minister
THORP E Colchester watch/clock mkr, East Hill
THORP John Maldon surgeon
THREADGOLD George Billericay, corn factor
THURGOOD Bernard Epping tavern/PH The George, High Street
THURGOOD J Thaxted carrier, weekly waggon to London
THURGOOD R D Saffron W Fire Office agt, County, High St
THURGOOD Rbt Driver Saffron Walden accountant, High St
THURGOOD Rbt Driver Saffron W, auctioneer, High St
THURSTON John Colchester boot/shoe maker Eld Lane
TIFFEN Thomas Witham tailor
TILL George Chelmsford, draper, High Street
TILL William Coggeshall, boot and shoe maker
TILLMAN John Manningtree PH/Inn, The White Hart
TIPPER John Ealy Romford grocer, High St
TODHURST William Grays innkeeper, The Sailor's Return
TOFTS Timothy Epping tavern/PH Black Lion, High Street
TOKE Nicholas Dunmow attorney
TOMBS William Stratford whitesmith
TOMKIN Thomas Witham surgeon
TOMLINSON John Francis Maldon surgeon
TOMLINSON William Halstead tanner, High Street
TOPSFIELD William Rochford basket maker
TOVELL Richard Harwich boat builder
TOVELL Samuel Manningtree ship owner, Mistley
TOWNSEND Henry Rochford carpenter and builder
TOWNSEND Thomas Romford, attorney, High St
TREW Thomas Witham currier
TROLLOPE Thomas Halstead surgeon, Colchester Road
TROTT Thomas Saffron Walden carrier, weekly to London
TROTT William Romford inn/PH, King's head
TROTTER Edward Rochford ironmonger, porter/spirit mcht
TROWER William Prittlewell watch maker
TUBMAN Jos. Epping butcher, High Street
TUCKEY Misses Walthamstow ladies' boarding academy
TUNBRIDGE John Billericay, draper and grocer
TUNBRIDGE Samuel Braintree, wine/spirit mcht & brewer, New Street
TUNMER Richard Maldon tavern/PH, White Horse
TUNSTALL Charles Billericay, carpenter and builder
TUNSTALL John Romford linen draper & stamp dstrbtr, High St
TURNER George Rochford boot/shoe maker
TURNER James Colchester bricklayer Botolph St
TURNER James Thaxted wheelwright, New Biggin
TURNER James Walthamstow locksmith, bells &c
TURNER John Thaxted PH, The Star, Town St
TURNER John Thaxted smith, Watling Street
TURNER John B Laytonstone plumber/painter &c
TURNER Samuel Chelmsford butcher, Duke Street
TURNER Samuel Chelmsford public house, Coach & Horses, Duke St
TURNER Stephen Epping butcher, High Street
TURNER William Walthamstow linen draper
TURNER William Walthamstow grocer
TURNER William Chelmsford public house, "Red Cow", King Street
TURNER & BAILEY Stratford soap maker
TURNIDGE Martha Halstead grocer, Chapel Street
TUTTELL John Stratford oil and colourman
TWEED Romford, attorney, Hornchurch La
TWEED Revd J Chipping Ongar, academy, High Street
TWEED Walter Epping innkeeper, Thatched House, High Street
TYLER Abraham Coggeshall, innkeeper, "Bird in Hand"
TYLER G S Braintree saddler, High Street
TYLOR Philip Billericay, baker & flour dealer
TYSER Richard Stratford bricklayer/maker, builder
UNDERWOOD John Braintree innkeeper, King's Head, High Street
UNWIN Elizabeth Chelmsford, milliner, High Street
UNWIN George Saffron W, cooper, Castle Street
UNWIN Lucy Witham general dealer, grocer &c
UNWIN S & F Coggeshall, clothiers
UNWIN Stephen Coggeshall, maltster
UNWIN Thomas Chelmsford, painter/plumber, High Street
UPSON George Billericay, saddler etc
UPTON John Waltham Abbey boot/shoe maker, Market Pl
USHER John Halstead attorney, High Street
VALE John Colchester baker, Magdalen St
VANDERWARD John Southend barge owner
VANDERWARD William H Southend barge owner
VASSALL Asser Rochford joiner etc
VEAL Thomas Harwich boot/shoe maker
VERE William Stratford stone mason
VERHORSLET & DEEX Harwich grocer etc
VERLANDER Samuel Colchester haberdasher/rag mcht, High St
VERLANDER Thomas Maldon general groceries etc & druggist
VICE James Manningtree basket maker
VICE William Stratford butcher
VINCENT Mary Colchester tavern, Mariner, Magdalen St
VITOU Peter Romford wheelwright, High Street
VOLCKMAN James Stratford grocer &c
VOLCKMAN John Stratford confectioner
WACKRILL Nathaniel Chelmsford, draper, High Street
WACKRILL T J Chelmsford baker & flour dealer, Duke Street
WADE B Colchester tavern, Duke of York, Barrack St
WADE C Chelmsford, innkeeper, White Hart, Moulsham
WADE Geo & WilliamDunmow attorneys
WADE James Chelmsford, perfumer, Back Street
WADE James Colchester tavern, Barleymow, Barrack St
WADE John Braintree innkeeper, The Cock, High Street
WADE John Witham saddler & harness maker
WAGHORN Edward Romford tailor, High Street
WAIGHT James Maldon academy, boarding/day commercial
WAIGHTS William Harwich PH/tavern, Golden Lion
WALFORD Colchester auctioneer, Head St (& Garrard)
WALFORD Isaac Halstead brewer & cooper, High Street
WALFORD John Maldon general groceries etc
WALFORD Thomas Maldon brazier
WALFORD Timothy Colchester cabinet mkr, Head St
WALKER Charles Chipping Ongar, lace maker, Marden Ash
WALKER James Colchester statuary/mason, High Street
WALKER Samuel Billericay, draper/grocer, shoe warehouse
WALKER Sarah Southend grocer &c
WALKER Thomas Chipping Ongar, surgeon, High Street
WALKER William Billericay, general shopkeeper
WALKER William H Southend draper & grocer
WALLER James Colchester butcher, High St
WALLIS Joseph Colchester ironmonger/founder, High Street
WALLIS William Halstead vet surgeon, Sudbury Road
WALLS Ann Stratford carpenter
WALLS Ann Stratford furniture broker
WALTON James Epping linen/woollen draper, High Street
WARD Billericay (Shaw & Ward), attorneys &c
WARD Alfred Romford, attorney, Market Place
WARD George Halstead butcher, Heddingham Lane
WARD James Colchester tavern, Duncan's Head, Head St
WARD James Maldon tavern/PH, The Angel
WARD Joseph Saffron W, architect/builder, Castle St
WARD Matthew Saffron W painter/plumber/glazier, Castle Street
WARD Thomas Colchester wheelwright, East St
WARD William Saffron W builder/joiner, Walden Common
WARD William Saffron W, architect/builder, Walden Common
WARD William Saffron Walden PH, The Bell, Castle St
WARNER James Dunmow Fire Office agt, Norwich Union
WARNER John Halstead PH keeper, White Hart, High Street
WARNER John Halstead maltster, Market Hill
WARNER John Dunmow, ran an academy
WARNER Sarah Coggeshall, general dealer in groceries &c
WARNER William Stratford tailor
WARRCKER David Billericay, boot and shoe maker
WARREN George Saffron Walden PH, Hoops Inn, Market St
WARREN James Witham butcher
WARREN Sarah Colchester milliner, Queen St
WARREN William Colchester tavern, Duke of Wellington, Magdalen St
WARWICK W Romford wine merchant, Market Place
WARWICK William Romford Fire Office agt, Hope, Market Place
WARWICK William Laytonstone butcher
WARWICKER Isaac Witham saddler & harness maker
WASSELL Ann Romford tailor, High Street
WATERMAN James Colchester boot/shoe maker Magdalen St
WATERMAN Samuel Harlow boot/shoe maker, High Street
WATERS John Chelmsford, veterinary surgeon, Springfield
WATKINS Harry Walthamstow inn/PH, Chequers
WATKINS Harry Walthamstow plumber/painter/glazier
WATKINS John Stratford tailor
WATKINS John Manningtree silversmith & watch maker
WATKINS Thomas Stratford watch/clock maker
WATSON Ephraim Colchester perfumer/barber, Crouch St
WATSON George Dunmow butcher
WATSON Jacob Epping corn factor, fire agt, p/master, High St
WATSON John Southend surgeon
WATSON William Chelmsford, surgeon, High Street
WATTS Andrew Colchester, groceries &c, Magdalen St
WATTS Barnett Colchester boot/shoe maker High St
WATTS Elizabeth Manningtree confectioner
WATTS James Colchester tailor, High Street
WATTS N C Stratford grocer &c
WAY George Billericay, shoe warehouse
WAYLAND Henry Stratford watch/clock maker
WAYLAND John Romford boot/shoe maker, Market Place
WEAVER John Dunmow tavernkeeper, Three Tuns
WEBB Benjamin Walthamstow inn/PH, Nag's Head
WEBB Bowler Colchester tavern, Brewer's Arms, St John's La
WEBB James Saffron Walden PH, King's Head, Pig Market
WEBB John Thaxted innkeeper, The Swan, Watling St
WEBB John Chelmsford, fishmonger. High Street
WEBB John Chelmsford public house, "Half Moon", High Street
WEBB John jnr Thaxted miller, Park Street
WEBB Jonathan Harwich boot/shoe maker
WEBB Lawrence Thaxted watch/clock maker, Hill Town
WEBB William Coggeshall, innkeeper, "Woolpack"
WEBBER Edward Harwich PH/tavern, The Packet
WEBBER John Manningtree post master
WEDD Frederick Maldon tanner & fellmonger
WEEDEN Mary Chelmsford, clothes dealer, High Street
WEEDEN Mary Chelmsford, clothes dealer, High Street
WELD William Romford surgeon, Market Place
WELLBY Thomas Saffron W, brazier/tinsmith, Butter Market
WELLS Chelmsford brewers, Duke St, Woodcocks Hodges & W
WELLS Henry Maldon coal merchant
WELLS William Laytonstone surgeon
WELLS & Co Stratford straw hat warehouse
WENDEN Hannah Chelmsford butcher, Conduit Square
WENDEN John Thaxted carpenter/joiner, Town Street
WENDEN Joseph Thaxted butcher, Town Street
WENDEN Miss Thaxted ladies' academy, Bardfield Grn
WEST Benjamin Stratford academy, gent's boarding
WEST James Grays saddler etc
WEST Mary Stratford grocer &c
WEST Thomas Stratford tallow chandler
WESTLEY William Walthamstow baker
WHALE William Witham PH keeper, The Blue Posts
WHALL William Southend wine and brandy merchant
WHALL William Southend PH, Ship (& post house, baths etc)
WHEATER Robert Chipping Ongar, grocer &c, High Street
WHEATLEY Miss Braintree post mistress
WHEBLE Edwin Chas Waltham Abbey surgeon, Sun Street
WHEELER James Stratford inn/PH, Coach & Horses
WHEELER Thomas Coggeshall, wheel wright
WHELANS Misses Walthamstow ladies' boarding academy
WHEPP John Chelmsford, two waggons weekly to London
WHICHCORD John Billericay, watch and clock maker
WHIPPS George Billericay, butcher
WHIPPS James Billericay, plumber/glazier/painter, glass/china
WHISTLER William Billericay, boot and shoe maker
WHITAKER George Ilford plumber, painter &c
WHITAKER William Romford plumber/glazier &c, High St
WHITE George Saffron W, baker & flour dlr, Castle Street
WHITE George Colchester breeches maker, Eld Lane
WHITE George Braintree innkeeper, The Green Man, New Street
WHITE James Harlow grocer, tea dlr, Church Street
WHITE James Harlow linen/woollen draper, Church Street
WHITE John Rochford boot/shoe maker
WHITE Mary Rochford milliner etc
WHITE Mary Romford fruiterer, High St
WHITE Mrs Harlow milliner, High Street
WHITE Obadiah Colchester boot/shoe maker High St
WHITE Thomas Rochford post master, Market Pl
WHITE Thomas Rochford leather seller, Royal Exchge agent
WHITE William Colchester currier/leather, High St
WHITEHEAD William Southend draper, hatter, etc
WHITFIELD George Colchester basket maker, Middleboro
WHITLEY John W Abbey cptr/builder/undertaker, High Bridge St
WHITLEY Richard W Abbey cptr/builder/undertaker, High Bridge St
WHITMORE Henry Maldon tavern/PH, White Hart
WHITTAKER David Harlow tailor &c, High Street
WHITTAKER J Chelmsford public house, Rising Sun, Moulsham
WHITTAKER James Rochford tailor & draper
WHITTAKER Mrs Harlow milliner, Back Street
WHITTAKER (CORNELL &) Saffron W grocer/tea dlrs, Hog's Green
WICKERS Samuel Rochford PH/inn, Vernon's Head Inn
WICKS William Chelmsford, fire insce agt, Conduit St (Globe)
WICKS William Chelmsford boot/shoe maker, Back Street
WICKS William Chelmsford, attorney, High Street
WIFFEN George Chelmsford, auctioneer, Springfield Lane
WIFFEN Henry Chelmsford boot/shoe maker, Duke Street
WIFFIN G Chelmsford public house, Duke's Head, Springfield
WIFFIN Joseph Chelmsford, perfumer, High Street
WIFFIN Mary Chelmsford, milliner, High Street
WIGGINS Hannah Rochford milliner etc
WIGGS Henry Waltham Cross PH, The Bird Cage
WIGHAM William Thaxted grocer/tea dealer, Town Street
WILKINSON Josiah Saffron W, academy, Bailey's Lane
WILLET Thomas Coggeshall, ironmonger and brazier
WILLIAMS Cornelius Stratford coal meter, nr the waterworks
WILLIAMS John Laytonstone grocer &c
WILLIAMS Thomas Stratford furniture broker
WILLINGS widow Saffron Walden fellmonger, Bridge End
WILLIS George Saffron W, cooper, Castle Street
WILLIS Isaac Stratford grocer &c
WILLIS James Halstead innkeeper, The George, Market Hill
WILLIS Miss Thaxted academy, Watling Street
WILLIS William Colchester butcher, High St
WILLMOT Isaac Bryant Waltham Cross linen draper
WILLOUGHBY Christopher Grays painter & eating house
WILLSHIRE Habakuk Coggeshall, boot and shoe maker
WILMSHURST John Maldon grocer/cheesemonger
WILMSHURST John Maldon linen draper
WILMSHURST Thomas Colchester grocer, Wyre Street & Botolph
WILSON Edmund Stratford inn/PH, The Angel
WILSON G H Rochford attorney & clerk to the magistrates
WILSON Hannah Colchester china/glass w'house, High St
WILSON Hannah Billericay, cooper
WILSON James Chelmsford innkeeper, "White Horse", Gt Baddow
WILSON John Stratford plumber/painter/glazier
WILSON John Ilford tavern/PH, Rose & Crown
WILSON Mary Rochford PH/inn, King's Head Inn
WILSON Simon Saffron W, boot/shoe maker, Market Hill
WILTON Henry Dunmow saddler
WILTON Henry Dunmow tavernkeeper, Boar's head
WILTSHIRE William Walthamstow inn/PH, Coach & Horses
WINCH John Stratford corn dealer
WINDUS William Epping attorney, High Street
WING Jeremiah Braintree, watch/clock maker, The Square
WINGFIELD Richard Billericay, carpenter and builder
WINTER Josh William Manningtree chemist & druggist
WIRE John Colchester, groceries &c, North Hill
WIRE Sampson Colchester baker, Magdalen St
WIRE Thomas Colchester tavern, Fencers, Maidenboro St
WISEMAN William Saffron W grocer/tea dealer, Market Place
WISEMAN William Saffron W linen/wooleen draper, Market Place
WOLTON Hyem Chelmsford, grocer, Conduit Square
WOOD Elias Chelmsford brazier/tinman, High Street
WOOD Elias Chelmsford, iron monger, High Street
WOOD George Chelmsford brazier/tinman, High Street
WOOD Jeremiah Epping tailor, High Street
WOOD John Waltham Abbey grocer &c, High Bridge St
WOOD John Chipping Ongar, boot/shoe maker, High Street
WOOD Michael Stratford Fire Office Agt, Hope
WOOD Michael Stratford builder
WOOD William Ilford builder & undertaker
WOOD William Billericay, baker etc
WOOD William Rochford boot/shoe maker
WOOD William Billericay, corn factor
WOOD William Romford boot/shoe maker, High St
WOODBRIDGE William Waltham Abbey PH, Three Tuns
WOODCOCK Chelmsford brewers, Duke St, W Hodges & Wells
WOODCOCK Ann Colchester silversmith/jwlr, High Street
WOODGATE Miss Billericay, ladies' boarding academy
WOODS Miss Harlow milliner, Back Street
WOODS William Colchester pattenmaker, Wyre Street
WOODWARD Lucy Coggeshall, toy dealer
WOOLLEY Thomas Thaxted tailor/draper, Watling Street
WOOLRICH G Waltham Abbey silk manufctr, High Bridge St
WORMELL George Colchester butcher, High St
WOTTON James Epping grocer, High Street
WRAGG Robert Walthamstow carrier, daily coaches to London
WRAY George Chelmsford, stone/marble mason, Springfield La.
WRIGGLESWORTH----- Grays grocer etc
WRIGHT Daniel Braintree boot/shoe maker, High Street
WRIGHT George Epping tavern/PH White Hart, High Street
WRIGHT James Harlow cooper, Mulbery Green
WRIGHT John Chipping Ongar, ironmonger/brazier, High Street
WRIGHT John Witham bricklayer
WRIGHT John Harlow miller, Harlow Mill
WRIGHT John Chipping Ongar, agt to county fire offce, High St
WRIGHT Lucy Coggeshall, milliner & dress maker
WRIGHT Mary Coggeshall, milliner & dress maker
WRIGHT Mrs Walthamstow, kept a post box
WRIGHT Richard Witham watch and clock maker
WRIGHT Sampson Maldon watch/clock maker
WRIGHT Susan Walthamstow grocer
WRIGHT Thomas Thaxted bricklayer, Town Street
WRIGHT Thomas Braintree, baker, New Street
WRIGHT William Chipping Ongar, clock mkr, books/spts, High St
WRIGHT William Waltham Cross grocer &c
WRIGHT William Maldon attorney
WYATT William Halstead tanner, High Street
YEOMAN M Romford pawnbroker, Market Place
YORK S Walthamstow linen draper
YORKE George Coggeshall, general dealer in groceries &c
YOUNG Benjamin Waltham Abbey butcher/coal/corn, High Bridge St
YOUNG James Dunmow blacksmith
YOUNG Robert Waltham Abbey butcher/coal/corn, High Bridge St
YOUNGMAN George Saffron W, druggist, Market Place
YOUNGMAN George Saffron W, bookslr/stationer/printer, Market Pl
YOUNGMAN P Witham fire office agent, Essex & suffolk
YOUNGMAN Philip Maldon bookseller & printer
YOUNGMAN Phillip Witham bookseller & printer


The historical trade directory and census listing of all of London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Sussex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire Oxfordshire, and Dorset. If you are searching for a historical address, try the census and street directory database. This is a Victorian view on the streets of london and the south of England.

A Historical Census Directory of Essex and Suffolk Villages and Towns

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