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Pigot & Co's directory of Essex 1823/24    L - P

Original transcription by:
Mike Foster, Wellington, New Zealand July 1995

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LACELL George Prittlewell tailor and draper
LACEY Richard Braintree, wine/spirit mcht, New Street
LAKE Isaac Braintree, watch/clock maker, High Street
LAKE William Halstead tailor, High Street
LAMB Richard Stratford watch/clock maker
LAMBERT Steel Dunmow miller
LAMBERT William Dunmow baker and flour merchant
LAMBERTH Chelmsford, coal mchts (& Porter), Chelmsfd Bason
LAMBETH Charles Manningtree carrier, waggons to London & Harwich
LAMPRELL Richard Dunmow joiner/builder
LANCASTER Abraham Stratford linen draper
LANGWORTHY Anne Dunmow baker
LANKSHEAR Elizabeth Ilford grocer &c
LARCHER Miss Witham ladies' boarding academy
LARMAN Joseph Waltham Abbey PH, The Sun
LAUGHAM Lewis Romford, baker, Market Place
LAVER Ann Romford inn/PH, The Sun
LAVER William Walthamstow grocer
LAW Robert Waltham Abbey perfumer/hair cutter, Sun St
LAWRENCE James Safron Walden watch/clock maker, Black Swan St
LAWRENCE James Coggeshall, pastry cook
LAWRENCE Joseph Coggeshall, silk manufacturer
LAWRENCE L Epping dressmaker, High Street
LAWRENCE William Maldon attorney
LAWRIE & BURROWS Romford farrier, High St
LAWSON James Stratford cabinet maker
LAY William Colchester surveyor, Head Street
LAY William Colchester builder/surveyor, Head St
LAY William Jnr Colchester fire/life agt, Atlas, Head Gate
LAY & JACKSON Colchester auctioneer, Headgate
LEABON James Harwich PH/tavern, The Swan
LEADER William Colchester tailor & slop seller, Queen Street
LEAKE Henry Chelmsford, maltster, Springfield Lane
LEAPER Daniel Coggeshall, cabinet maker
LEAPER Daniel Coggeshall, baker
LEAPER Nathaniel Coggeshall, carpenter
LEAPER Stephen Coggeshall, wheel wright
LEAVER Robert Braintree joiner/bldr, London Road
LEE Edward Braintree, White Hart, Bocking-end
LEE Mary Waltham Abbey chemist/druggist, High Bridge St
LEE Richard Romford fruiterer, High St
LEECH John jnr Chelmsford, gunsmith, Conduit Street
LEECH Nathaniel Colchester boot/shoe maker Wyre St
LEGERTON John Dunmow confectioner
LEGREYS William Rochford draper & tailor
LEMON Samuel Witham boot and shoe maker
LENNY Charles Romford coach maker, Market Place
LENNY Charles Chelmsford, coach builder, Springfield Lane
LETTINGTON David Ilford boot & shoe maker
LEVERETT John Saffron W, glass/e'ware dlr, Market Place
LEVERETT John Saffron W grocer/tea dealer, Market Place
LEVERETT John Saffron W linen/woollen draper, Market Place
LEVERETT John Saffron Walden tailor/draper, Market Place
LEVERETT John Saffron W Fire Office agt, Royal Exchge, Mkt Pl
LEVERETT William Saffron Walden ironmonger, Market St
LEVERETT William Saffron W, auctioneer, Market St
LEVERETT William Saffron W, cabinet mkr & upholsterer, Market St
LEVERITT Mr Colchester fellmonger, Maryborough
LEVY Hyman Stratford slop seller
LEWIN Benjamin Prittlewell draper etc
LEWIS James Witham glass & china dealer
LEWIS James Witham plumber/painter/glazier
LEWIS Thomas Colchester wine/spt mcht, Magdalen St
LEWIS Thos/John Colchester timber mcht, Magdalen St
LIGHT John Waltham Abbey grocer &c, Market Pl
LILLY James A Walthamstow tallow chandler & soap boiler
LILLY John Thaxted patten maker, Stoney Lane
LILLY T Thaxted plumber & Glazier, Town St
LIMNER Joseph Maldon butcher
LINDSALL Thomas Prittlewell wheelwright and smith
LINGOOD Ann Southend grocer &c
LINGWOOD Isaac Colchester furniture broker, Hythe St
LINGWOOD John Colchester tavern, Blue Posts, Botolph St
LINSDALE James Safron Walden staymaker, Fish market
LITTLE Elizabeth Romford linen-draper, High St
LITTLE William Halstead baker & flour dealer, High Street
LITTLECHILD J Romford straw hat maker, Market Place
LITTLER Thomas Waltham Abbey linen draper, Sun St
LIVERMOORE James Rochford cooper
LIVERMORE Catherine Prittlewell draper, grocer etc
LIVERMORE James Witham plumber/painter/glazier
LIVERMORE William Rochford butcher
LOCKWOOD Moses Coggeshall, butcher
LOCKWOOD Samuel Rochford butcher
LOCKYER Charles Stratford linen draper
LODGE Susan Harlow, ran an academy, High Street
LOFT Thomas Epping surgeon, High Street
LONG Gainsford Maldon tailor & woollen draper
LONG John Manningtree PH/Inn, The Red Lion
LONG John jnr Manningtree baker & corn dealer
LONG John snr Manningtree baker
LORD Francis Harwich PH/tavern, Harwich Arms
LORD Thomas Saffron W, baker & flour dlr, Castle St
LOVETT Thomas Epping joiner/builder, High Street
LOW William Braintree, baker, Bocking-End
LOW Wm Henry Witham baker
LOWE Chelmsford, coal mchts (& Thorne) Moulsham Mill
LOWE Chelmsford, miller, Moulsham (Lowe & Thorne)
LOWE William Saffron Walden coach propr, Church St
LOWTHROUP Elizabeth Colchester tobacco pipe mkr, Magdalen St
LUARD John Maldon silk manufacturer
LUBBOCK William Colchester cork cutter, East St
LUCAS Samuel Harwich PH/tavern, Coach & Horses
LYONS Abraham Waltham Abbey sieve/basket maker, Sun St
MACARTHY James Romford chemist/druggist, Market Place
MACE Thomas Chelmsford, black/white smith, Duke St
MACKEY Hugh Witham surgeon
MACKINTSH Richd Duncan Colchester physician, East Hill
MACKNESS Charles B Stratford baker
MACLEAN Allen Colchester physician, High St
MACMURDO (& PITCHFORD)Stratford mfg chemist/distiller
MACOMIE John Laytonstone baker
MACRO Jacob Ilford boot & shoe maker
MADDEN John Chipping Ongar, hair dresser, High Street
MADDISON Charles Stratford cabinet maker
MADISON Charles & SonStratford coal merchant
MADOCKS John Rochford PH/inn, Marlborough's Head
MAGUIRE E Stratford linen draper
MAGUIRE William Stratford china/glass/Staffs w'house
MAHEW William Coggeshall, innkeeper, "Red Lion"
MAIDEN William Stratford surgeon
MAKING William Billericay, smith and farrier
MALCOLM Francis Colchester tavern, Whale Bone, East Hill
MALSTER Isaac Dunmow post master, Saracen's Head Inn
MANN John Colchester maltster, Hythe
MANN John Billericay, carpenter and builder
MANTLE Joseph Epping tailor, High Street
MARCH George Romford perfumer/haircutter, Market Place
MARKBY William Laytonstone saddler
MARKER M A Colchester chemist/druggist, High St
MARKS Mark Romford slop seller, High St
MARKWELL Thomas Billericay, draper
MARKWELL William Billericay, boot and shoe maker
MARLAR John Maldon boot & shoe maker
MARLAR John Maldon general groceries etc
MARRABLE Charles Epping plasterer etc, High Street
MARRABLE John Romford bricklayer, Market Place
MARRABLE John Romford inn/PH, Blucher's Head
MARRIAGE Joseph Chelmsford, miller, New Street
MARRIAGE Thomas Chelmsford, miller, Springfield
MARRIAGE & CORDER Chelmsford, coal merchants, Chelmsfd Bason
MARRIOTT Thomas Colchester tavern, Prince of Wales, Magdalen St
MARRITT Miss Chelmsford, ladies' academy, Union Yard
MARSDEN Isaac Chelmsford, bk/seller & stationer, High Street
MARSDEN John Colchester haberdasher/hardware, High Street
MARSDEN Mark Stratford brewer
MARSH Richard Stratford surgeon
MARSH Thomas H Rochford surgeon
MARSOM John Epping chairmaker, High Street
MARTIN Frederick Stratford cabinet maker
MARTIN Frederick Stratford Fire Office Agt, County
MARTIN Isaac Colchester tavern, Marquis of Granby, North Hill
MARTIN John Billericay, surgeon
MARTIN Joseph Waltham Abbey grocer &c, Sun St
MARTIN Rebecca Stratford saddler & harness maker
MARTIN Thomas Stratford carpenter & back maker
MASCALL Samuel Rochford joiner & carpenter
MASKELL Joseph Halstead saddler, Market Hill
MASON John Chelmsford, black/white smith, Baddow Lane
MASON John S Manningtree plumbers etc (& Wm)
MASON W Chelmsford public house, Golden Fleece, Duke St
MASON William Colchester, attorney, St Mary's churchyard
MASON William Colchester smith, Magdalen St
MASON William Manningtree plumbers etc (& Jn S)
MASON & COLLINS Colchester tavern, Cock and Pie, North Hill
MASON & COLLINS Colchester wine/spt mcht, North Hill
MATHAMS Gregory Prittlewell baker
MATHEW J Romford inn/PH, Old Windmill & Bells
MATHEW John Romford, auctioneer, Market Place
MATHEWS Joseph Maldon boot & shoe maker
MATHEWS William Maldon leather breeches mkr & glover
MATTACKS John Colchester bkseller & lbrary, High St
MATTACKS Underwood Wm Colchester bkseller, Eld lane
MATTHEWMAN John Colchester butcher, East Hill
MATTHEWMAN Stephen Colchester butcher, Botolph St
MATTHEWMAN William Colchester butcher, Hythe St
MATTHEWS Bethia Coggeshall, general dealer in groceries &c
MATTHEWS Bethia Coggeshall, linen draper
MATTHEWS John Chipping Ongar, butcher, High street
MATTHEWS Thomas Witham leather breeches maker
MATTHEWS & Son Coggeshall, auctioneer
MAXWELL Joseph Stratford baker
MAY Abraham Halstead maltster, Gladfield Hall
MAY Alfred Maldon grocer/cheesemonger
MAY Alfred Maldon auctioneer/appraiser
MAY Alfred Maldon Fire Office agt, Essex & Suffolk
MAY Edmund Stratford inn/PH, Blue Boar
MAY Henry Braintree blacksmith, Coggeshall lane
MAY John Manningtree miller, Lawford
MAY John Maldon wine/spirit mcht
MAY Sarah Colchester, groceries &c, Head Street
MAY Sarah Colchester milliner/strawhat maker, Head St
MAY Thomas Harlow butcher, Back Street
MAY (BAKER &) Maldon surgeon
MAYHEW William Witham PH keeper, The Angel
MAYS Abraham Chelmsford, millwright, Moulsham
MCCANN Robert Stratford boot & shoe maker
MCMURDIE William Epping bookseller, High Street
MCNABB D R Epping surgeon, High Street
MEAD G Halstead founder, Greensted Green
MEAD Jane Romford saddler & harness mkr, Hornchurch La
MEADOWS Charles Manningtree slop seller
MEDCALF Abraham Braintree butcher, High Street
MEDCALF Abraham jnr Braintree butcher, High Street
MEDCALF James Braintree butcher, High Street
MEDCALF John Colchester tailor/woollen draper, High St
MEDSON Robert Dunmow public house, White Lion Inn
MEERES William Chipping Ongar, grocer, &c, High Street
MEESON Richard Stratford coal/lime merchant
MEESON Thomas Stratford coal/lime merchant
MEESON & HINTON Grays lime burners & merchants
MEGGS Catherine Stratford grocer &c
MEGGS John Stratford timber dealer
MEGGY Chelmsford, auctioneer, High St (Chalk & Meggy)
MENTOR Mary Anne Maldon china/glass dealer &c
MERRYFIELD Thomas Rochford PH/inn, Old Ship
MERRYFIELD Thomas Rochford, surveyor of parish roads
MICKLEBURGH Alfred Chelmsford, millwright, Moulsham
MIDDLEDITCH William Saffron Walden miller, Mill Lane
MIDDLETON John Waltham Abbey gun pdr factory superintendent
MIDDLETON John Grays bargeowner, trading to St Catherine's &c
MIDDLETON Thomas Prittlewell plumber/glazier/painter
MILES Barnard Maldon tavern/PH, Ship and Anchor
MILES John Stratford grocer &c
MILES John Stratford tailor
MILES John Maldon butcher
MILES Thomas Coggeshall, butcher
MILES William Maldon butcher
MILLBANK Joseph Billericay, draper/grocer/glass-china dealer
MILLER Daniel Southend PH, Royal Hotel (& post house)
MILLER John Epping blacksmith, High Street
MILLER John, Rev Dunmow, ran an academy
MILLER Searle Colchester tailor, High Street
MILLER William Rochford gardener & seedsman
MILLER William Braintree innkeeper, The Bell, The Square
MILLS Colchester Banker, High St (Mills Bawtree & Co)
MINKS J Colchester chairmaker, Middleboro
MINKS Robert Colchester butcher, High St
MINNIS Phillis Romford saddler & harness mkr, Market Place
MITCHELL Joseph Waltham Abbey coal/corn mcht, High Bridge St
MITCHELL Joseph Waltham Abbey carrier, via Lea River
MITCHELL Joseph Colchester perfumer/barber, High St
MITCHELL Jos. Colchester silversmith/jwlr, High Street
MITCHELL M Colchester, groceries &c, Magdalen St
MIZEN Anne Thaxted grocer/tea dealer, Town Street
MOASE James Stratford saddler & harness maker
MOHUN Henry Colchester physician, East Hill
MONDS John Braintree, grocer, High Street
MONK John Waltham Cross PH, The Four Swans
MONTAGU James Colchester tavern, Chaise & Pair, North Hill
MONTAGUE Henry Colchester tavern, Evening Gun, Magdalen St
MONTEITH James Manningtree salt refiner & coal mcht
MOOR John Manningtree PH/Inn, The Wherry, Mistley
MOOR Joseph Romford bricklayer, Market Place
MOORCROFT William Coggeshall, chemist and druggist
MOORE Coggeshall, grocer & tallow chandler (+Franks)
MOORE Charlotte Waltham Cross post mistress
MOORE Fenn Ilford tailor
MOORE John Coggeshall, general dealer in groceries &c
MOORE Thomas Colchester grocer/chandler, Barrack St
MOORE William Billericay, draper/grocer/glass-china dealer
MORRIS John Stratford chemist/druggist
MORRIS Joseph Billericay, ironmgr, house agt, newspaper agt
MORRIS Mrs Maldon academy, ladies' boarding
MORRIS Septimus Stratford bookseller/stationer/library
MORTIMER H Witham carpenter & joiner
MORTIMER John Colchester saddler/harness mkr, Crouch St
MORTLOCK J & Sons Saffron W, bankers, High Street
MORTON John Waltham Abbey wheelwright, Sun St
MOSEBURY Thomas Romford currier/leather-cutter, Market Place
MOSS Edward Chipping Ongar, bricklayer, High Street
MOSS James Chelmsford, bricklayer, Springfield lane
MOSS John Stratford corn dealer
MOSS Joseph Stratford chemist/druggist
MOSS Josiah Halstead glass/e'ware dealer, High Street
MOSS Josiah Halstead painter/glazier etc, High Street
MOSS Thomas Thaxted carpenter/joiner, Town Street
MOSS William Billericay, corn factor
MOUNT John Coggeshall, basket maker
MOUNT John Coggeshall, baker
MUDIE Revd G D Rochford, independent minister
MUGGLESTON Thomas Billericay, officer of excise
MULLET John Harwich PH/tavern, Queen's Head
MUMFORD James Dunmow saddler
MUMFORD James Harlow joiner/builder, High Street
MUMFORD John Romford carrier, High Street, waggon to London
MUMFORD Thomas Ilford butcher
MUNDY ---- Stratford wheelwright
MUNDY C Ilford house & sign painter
MUNDY Stephen Stratford saddler & harness maker
MURRELL Elizabeth Ilford linen draper
MURRELL W Chelmsford, innkeeper, Three Cups, Springfield
MYERS Joel Maldon Fire Office agt, Norwich Union
MYERS Joel Maldon auctioneer/appraiser
MYERS W & L Chelmsford, pawnbrokers, High Street
MYHILL Samuel Maldon saddler & harness maker
NAFTELL N B Chelmsford chemist/druggist, High Street
NASH Ann Maldon cooper
NASH David Epping stone mason, High Street
NASH James Colchester fruit/oyster packer, High St
NASH John Braintree, cooper, High Street
NASH Samuel Maldon corn merchant/dealer
NASH William Witham fire office agent, Norwich Union
NASH William Witham spirit merchant
NASH William Witham chemist & druggist
NEALE thomas Stratford millwright
NELSON T Colchester tavern, Red Cross, Magdalen St
NEVILL James Colchester boot/shoe maker Botolph St
NEVILLE Richard Colchester, attorney, Trinity Street
NEWELL Colchester, attorney, N Hill (N. Fredk Hassell)
NEWELL Samuel Thaxted post master
NEWELL Samuel Thaxted saddler, Watling Street
NEWMAN Benjamin Chelmsford, black/white smith, High Street
NEWMAN John Rochford boot/shoe maker
NEWMAN Spencer Waltham Abbey coal/corn mcht, High Bridge St
NEWMAN William Braintree joiner/bldr, The Square
NEWNHAM George Southend linen draper, hosier, haberdasher
NEWTON George Stratford coal merchant
NEWTON Samuel Harwich carpenter
NEWTON William Ilford butcher
NICHOL Thomas Chipping Ongar, 2 waggons weekly to London
NICHOLLS John Epping tavern/PH The Swan, High Street
NICHOLLS John Colchester cabinet mkr, Eld Lane
NICHOLS James Saffron Walden miller, Thackstead Road
NICHOLS Thomas Romford grocer, Market Place
NICHOLS Thomas Chipping Ongar, innkeeper, "Red Lion", High St
NICHOLS William Saffron Walden lime dealer, Cucking Stool End
NICHOLS William Saffron W, boot/shoe maker, Church St
NICHOLS William Prittlewell, kept the letter box
NICHOLSON Chelmsford, watch/clock mkr, High St (+Dalby)
NICHOLSON Chelmsford, silversmith &c, High St (+Darby)
NIMMO Sarah Grays grocer etc
NOAD John Stratford baker
NOBLE Richard Chipping Ongar, architect, Marden Ash
NOCKELD James Colchester hat maker, High Street
NOCKOLD Samuel Manningtree hatter and tea dealer
NOCKOLDS Jacob Saffron Walden land agent, Audley End
NOLAN Frederick Prittlewell vicar
NOON George Colchester tavern, Woolpack, Botolph St
NOON John Billericay, hairdresser/perfumer, blacking mkr
NOONE ----- Prittlewell hair dresser and perfumer
NORBURY J Stratford coppersmith & brazier
NORMAN Edward Manningtree mercht (with Francis)
NORMAN Francis Manningtree mercht (with Edwd)
NORRIS William Chipping Ongar, joiner &c, High Street
NORTON John Neave Witham cooper
NOTT Joseph Witham general dealer, grocer &c
NOTTAGE George Chelmsford, auctioneer, Duke Street
NOTTAGE Joseph Harlow painter/plumber/glazier, Back St
NOTTS Miss Halstead ladies' academy, High Street
NUCKELL William Stratford coal merchant
NUCKOLDS Jacob Saffron W Fire Office agt, Sun, Audley End
NUNN Ann Harwich grocer etc
NUNN John Colchester perfumer/barber, High St
NUNN John Colchester baker, Crouch St
NUNN MILLS & Co Manningtree bankers
NUNN Roger Colchester physician, Queen Street
NUTMAN John Prittlewell PH/Inn, King's Head
OAKES Henry Chelmsford, draper, High Street
OAKLEY James Halstead cabinet maker, High Street
OATES Miss Billericay, ladies' boarding academy
OATES Thomas Billericay, tanner and fellmonger
OFFORD William Colchester cutler, North Hill
OGLE Margaret Stratford academy, ladies' boarding
OLIVER Mark Colchester maltster, Hythe
OLIVER Mark Colchester lime burner, Hythe
OLIVER Mark Colchester tavern, Rising Sun, Hythe
OLIVER Thomas Billericay, draper &c
ORME David Walthamstow inn/PH, Duke's Head
ORRIN James Colchester tavern, Lamb, High Street
ORRIN William Colchester chairmaker, East hill
OSBORN ---- Stratford boot & shoe maker
OSBORN James Chelmsford, saddler, Back Street
OSBORNE Charles Witham tailor
OSBORNE J Colchester corn dealer, Botolph St
OSBORNE James Colchester wheelwright, East St
OSBORNE John Chipping Ongar, banker, High Street
OSBORNE John Chipping Ongar, Ryl Exchge Fire agt, High Street
OSBORNE John Chipping Ongar, academy, High Street
OSBOURN William Billericay, boot and shoe maker
OTTER William Romford druggist, Market Place
OVERALL John Coggeshall, innkeeper, "Black Horse"
OVERHILL Thomas Coggeshall, farrier
OWEN William Waltham Abbey PH, Green Dragon
OWERS William Braintree, baker, New Street
OWERS William Braintree innkeeper, Three Tuns, New Street
OXLEY John Grays tailor etc
PAGE Frederick Colchester fire/life agt, Essex, High Street
PAGE Gosnell Manningtree tanner, Lawford
PAGE James Witham bricklayer
PAGE Jos. & Son Manningtree fellmongers & wool dealers
PAGE Robert Witham PH keeper, The Swan
PAGE Robert Manningtree merchant
PAGE William Witham bricklayer
PAGE William Halstead grocer, High St
PAGE William Witham PH keeper, The Fleece
PAGE William jnr Witham bricklayer
PAGES Mrs Halstead ladies' academy, High Street
PAIN William Grays shipwright
PAINE John Waltham Abbey butcher, Market Pl
PALMER Charles Maldon boot & shoe maker
PALMER Charles Thaxted gardener, New Biggin
PALMER George Epping, ran an academy, High Street
PALMER John Billericay, baker, corn/seed/flour factor
PALMER John Epping joiner/builder, High Street
PALMER John Billericay, corn factor
PALMER R Maldon gardener & seedsman
PALMER Richard Chelmsford, straw hat maker, Moulsham
PALMER Samuel Chelmsford public house, "Greyhound", New Street
PALMER Thomas Chelmsford baker & flour dealer, Moulsham
PALMER William Stratford timber merchant
PALMER William Stratford coal merchant
PAPMILL Richard Billericay, smith and farrier
PAPRILL Samuel Rochford tailor
PARKER Abraham Billericay, Chequers Inn
PARKER Abraham Billericay, wheelwright
PARKER Benjamin Colchester boot/shoe maker Wyre St
PARKER C G Chelmsford, attorney, Moulsham
PARKER Charles Colchester coal merchant, Hythe
PARKER I O Chelmsford, attorney, Moulsham
PARKER J Romford farrier, Hornchurch Lane
PARKER James Chelmsford, glass/earthenware dlr, High St
PARKER James Saffron W, baker & flour dlr, Market Hill
PARKER John Braintree, baker, High Street
PARKER John Braintree, ladies' academy, Bocking Causeway
PARKER John Dunmow confectioner
PARKER Jonathan Epping maltster, High Street
PARKER Robert Stratford carpenter
PARKER Shadrack Romford inn/PH, Cock and Bell
PARKER Thomas Colchester furniture broker, Wyre St
PARKER William Maldon customhouse Surveyor
PARKER William Chipping Ongar, saddler, High Street
PARMITTER James Colchester tavern, Weaver's Arms, Middleborough
PARR Richard Thaxted PH, King's Arms, Town St
PARTRIDGE Alderman Colchester surgeon, Magdalen St
PASBY Henry Epping earthenware dealer, High St
PASFIELD John Braintree tailor, Bocking
PASSMAN Charles Chipping Ongar, attorney, High street
PATE John Epping attorney, High Street
PATES Joseph Ilford baker
PATIENT Mary Thaxted PH, The Cock, Town St
PATMORE John Chipping Ongar, joiner, etc, High Street
PATMORE John Chipping Ongar, auctioneer, High Street
PATRICK Thomas Colchester tavern, Yorkshire Grey, Magdalen St
PATTISSON Robert Maldon customhouse Tide Surveyor
PATTISSON William Hy Witham attorney
PAUL Daniel Waltham Abbey baker, Market Pl
PAUL Robert Saffron Walden maltster, Cate's Corner
PAUL robert Saffron W, brazier/tinsmith, Market Place
PAUL Robert Saffron Walden ironmonger, Market Place
PAUL Robert Saffron W Fire Office agt, Norwich U, Market Pl
PAUL Robert Saffron W, cabinet mkr & upholsterer, Market Pl
PAUL Robert Saffron W, auctioneer, Market Place
PAYNE Isaac Epping, ran an academy, High Street
PAYNE John Maldon coal/lime merchant
PAYNE John Maldon corn merchant/dealer
PAYNE Mary Saffron W, bookseller/stationer, High St
PAYNE Mary Colchester tavern, Cock & Crown, North St
PAYNE William Coggeshall, general dealer in groceries &c
PAYZE Mary Coggeshall, general dealer in groceries &c
PAYZE Richard Laytonstone inn/PH, The Crown
PEACHEY William Saffron W, brazier/tinsmith, Fish Market
PEAGRUM James Waltham Abbey wheelwright, Market Pl
PEAKE John Chipping Ongar, surgeon, High Street
PEAKE Robert Waltham Abbey auctioneer, Sun St
PEARSON Richard Dunmow surgeon
PEASE John Billericay carrier, weekly van to London
PEASE Thomas Rochford carrier, locally every Sunday a.m.
PECK Thomas Colchester basket maker, Wyre St
PECKOVER Chelmsford, coal mchts (& Burne) Chelmsford Bason
PEDDER Daniel Romford hatter, Market Place
PEDDER Daniel Romford slop seller, Market Place
PEGGS John Colchester tailor, Crouch Street
PENN Francis Walthamstow plumber/painter/glazier
PENN Thomas Harlow postmaster
PEPPER Henry Maldon watch/clock maker
PEPPER John Chipping Ongar, druggist, High Street
PERCIVAL Henry Manningtree baker and coal metre
PERKINS Chelmsford, attorney, High St (Gepp & Perkins)
PERKINS Horatio Colchester surgeon, Queen St
PERKINS W Saffron Walden PH, Eight Bells, Cate's Corner
PERKINS William Saffron Walden gunsmith, Cate's Corner
PERKINS William Southend butcher
PERRY Colchester, attorney, Back La (Sargeant & Perry)
PERRY John Harlow glover, High Street
PERRY William Witham coach maker
PETERS (& DANIELS) Southend boat builders
PETTIT Edward Grays eating house
PETTIT Richard Maldon perfumer/haircutter & stationer &c
PETTITT Elijah Coggeshall, butcher
PETTITT Jarvis Chelmsford, hair dresser, Duke Street
PHELBUCK Samuel Chelmsford currier, Moulsham
PHELPS William Walthamstow grocer
PHILBRICK Samuel Colchester surgeon, Head Street
PHILBRICK Samuel Dunmow carrier
PHILLIPPS Thomas Grays bargeowner, trading to St Catherine's &c
PHILLIPS Bnejamin Rochford clothier etc
PHILLIPS Charles Saffron Walden carrier, weekly cart to London
PHILLIPS Henry Harlow auctioneer, Church Street
PHILLIPS Thomas Grays corn dealer
PHILLIPS Thomas Colchester tavern, Bull, Crouch St
PHILLIPS William Maldon saddler & harness maker
PHILLIPSON James Romford saddler & harness mkr, High Street
PHILLIPSON John Romford vet surgeon, Market Place
PHILPOTT John Ilford corn & flour dealer
PHIPPS William Epping saddler, High Street
PHIPPS William Waltham Abbey tailor, Market Pl
PIDGEON John Colchester smith, George Lane
PIGEON Josias Stratford miller
PIGOT & Co Chelmsford, grocer, Conduit Street
PIGOTT Louisa Coggeshall, straw hat maker
PILKINGTON W G Ilford tavern/PH, Coach and Horses
PILKINTON David Coggeshall, gun maker
PILKINTON David Coggeshall, wheel wright
PING John Romford Fire Office agt, County, Market Pl
PING John Romford linen-draper, Market Place
PINHEY W T Walthamstow surgeon etc
PINSENT William Epping tavern/PH White Horse, High Street
PIPER D H Braintree miller, Bocking
PISSEY John Manningtree general dealer, Mistley
PITCAIRN David Maldon tailor & woollen draper
PITCAIRN John Waltham Abbey Fire Off Agt, N Union, Sun St
PITCAIRN John Waltham Abbey ironmgr, Sun St
PITCHER John Colchester butcher, North Hill
PITCHFORD (MACMURDO &) Stratford mfg chemist/distiller
PITT Benjamin Colchester tavern, Goat & Boot, East Hill
PLAYER John Saffron W, butcher, Gold Street
PLAYER Joseph Saffron W, baker & flour dlr, High Street
PLAYLE Joseph Chelmsford, black/white smith, Moulsham
PLEDGER James Walthamstow carpenter
PLOTT John Grays saddler etc
POLE J Witham tailor
POLLARD George Epping cornmiller, High Street
POLLEY John Maldon post master
POLLEY John Maldon boot & shoe maker
POLLEY Robert Witham PH keeper, Spread Eagle
POLLEY William Chelmsford, painter/plumber, Conduit Street
POND Peter Rochford, master of Free School
POND William Maldon tailor
POOL John Stratford boot & shoe maker
POOL Thomas Harwich baker
PORTER Chelmsford, coal mchts (Lamberth), Chelmsfd Bason
PORTER Bird Saffron W, butcher, Church Street
PORTER Charles Saffron Walden maltster, Gold street
PORTER Mary Saffron Walden milliner, High Street
PORTER Richard Wm Manningtree attorney
PORTER Samuel Saffron W, corn factor, Butter Market
PORTER Samuel Saffron W, baker & flour dlr, Market Place
PORTWAY Augustus Braintree, grocer/draper, High Street
PORTWAY Joseph Braintree, currier, The Square
POSSELL John Braintree brazier/tinman, The Square
POSTON William Romford butcher, High St
POTTER Chelmsford, draper, High St (Potter & Candler)
POTTER Francis Grays office of excise
POTTER Henry Epping tailor, High Street
POTTER John Colchester baker, Magdalen St
POTTER John Walthamstow farrier
POTTER John Chipping Ongar, surgeon, High Street
POTTER John Rochford fishmonger
POTTO Firmim Witham currier
POWLETT Charles, Rev Dunmow, ran an academy
POXLEY P Chelmsford public house, Queen's head, High St
PRANCE John Braintree innkeeper, Horse & Groom, Bocking-end
PRATT Elizabeth Stratford stone mason
PRATT John Waltham Abbey watch/clock maker, Market Pl
PRATT John Epping watch/clock maker, High Street
PRATT Miss Coggeshall, milliner & dress maker
PRATT William Walthamstow surgeon etc
PRATT William Dunmow bookseller & druggist
PRATT William Harlow watch/clock maker, High Street
PRESLAND Barnard Waltham Abbey carrier, 3x weekly to London
PRESLAND John Stratford boot & shoe maker
PRETLOVE Daniel Harlow brazier/tinman, High Street
PRICE Henry Jos. Southend baker & confectioner
PRICE Misses Stratford academy, ladies' boarding
PRICE Peter jnr Prittlewell baker
PRICE Peter snr Prittlewell baker
PRICE Thomas Grays bargeowner, trading to St Catherine's &c
PRICE Thomas Grays waterman
PRIOR Edward Harlow bricklayer, Back Street
PRIOR John Coggeshall, baker
PRIOR John Coggeshall, general dealer in groceries &c
PRIOR Timothy Coggeshall, baker
PRIOR Timothy Coggeshall, general dealer in groceries &c
PRIOR William Halstead boot/shoe maker, High Street
PRITCHARD Jos. Southend baker & flour dealer
PROBERT Thomas Saffron W, attorney, Pudding Lane
PUDNEY James Braintree, wheelwright, New Street
PULLEN Francis Chelmsford, joiner/builder, New Street


The historical trade directory and census listing of all of London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Sussex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire Oxfordshire, and Dorset. If you are searching for a historical address, try the census and street directory database. This is a Victorian view on the streets of london and the south of England.

A Historical Census Directory of Essex and Suffolk Villages and Towns

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