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Pigot & Co's directory of Essex 1823/24  A  -  C

Original transcription by:
Mike Foster, Wellington, New Zealand July 1995

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ABBOTT John Colchester flour dealer, Wyre St
ABBOTT William Colchester carpenter, Magdelen St
ABRAHAM Benjamin Saffron W builder/joiner, Church Street
ABREY Henry Chelmsford cabinetmaker, High Street
ABREY John Chelmsford public house, "George", Duke Street
ABREY Jos. Epping baker & confectioner, High Street
ACKLAND Richard Saffron W, glass/e'ware dlr, Church St
ADAMS George Billericay, physician
ADAMS J Colchester tavern, Grey Hound, Botolph St
ADAMS Thomas Maldon rope maker
ADAMS Thomas Chipping Ongar, baker & flour dealer, High St
ADAMS William Saffron W, butcher, Black Swan Street
ADCAN Frederick Epping boot/shoe maker, High Street
ADCANE F Epping tailor, High Street
ADLARD Charles Waltham Abbey PH, White Lion
AGER Edward Witham general dealer, grocer &c
AGGIO Paul Colchester carver/guilder, Head St
AGNIS Catharine Ilford grocer &c
AGNIS Joseph Billericay, corn factor
AINGER John Halstead baker & flour dealer, High Street
AINSWORTH Thomas Colchester chairmaker, Crocu St
ALBON Charles Colchester carpenter, Barrack St
ALBRA John Chelmsford innkeeper, "Bell", Conduit Square
ALCOCK George Stratford wheelwright
ALDEN J Colchester, groceries &c, North Hill
ALDERS James Thaxted grocer/tea dealer, New Biggin
ALDOUS Thomas Colchester smith, Culver St
ALEXANDER Thomas Billericay, corn factor
ALEXANDER & Co Manningtree bankers
ALLASTON William Witham watch and clock maker
ALLCOCK William Stratford grocer &c
ALLDIS J Stratford blind maker
ALLEN Coggeshall, tanners (Allen Charles & Lewis)
ALLEN Ann Rochford ladies' academy
ALLEN James Colchester tailor, Head Street
ALLEN John Stratford linen draper
ALLEN John Rochford carpenter/builder/wheelwright
ALLEN John Maldon butcher
ALLEN Jos. Rochford painter etc
ALLEN Michael Epping baker, High Street
ALLEN Samuel Stratford coal merchant
ALLEN Sarah Rochford draper & grocer
ALLEN Thomas Halstead butcher, High Street
ALLEN William Halstead butcher, Chapel Street
ALLEN & Bryant Colchester linen draper, Head St
ALLING James Dunmow ironmonger & gunsmith, wheelwright
ALLISON Wm Jeremiah Ilford surgeon
ALLISSTONE John Waltham Abbey grocer &c, High Bridge St
ALLSUP James W Abbey post master
ALLSUP James Waltham Abbey tailor, High Bridge St
ALSOP Mary Witham confectioner and toy dealer
ALSOP Robert Maldon confectioner & brush maker
ALSTON Dan ConstableManningtree brewer
AMBROSE Henry Colchester basket maker, Head St
AMBROSE John Chelmsford, basket maker, Moulsham
AMBROSE John Manningtree attorney
AMBROSE Samuel Colchester basket maker, East St
AMNER Temperley Harwich boat builder
ANDERSON J Walthamstow watch/clock maker
ANDREW Thomas Coggeshall, attorney
ANDREW (& Bridge) Coggeshall, cabinet maker & upholsterer
ANDREWS George Chelmsford, grocer, Moulsham
ANDREWS James Braintree boot/shoe maker, High Street
ANDREWS John Braintree tailor, High Street
ANDREWS Mordecai Thaxted worsted manufacturer, Town St
ANDREWS Rchd Bullock Epping attorney, High Street
ANGIER Charles Maldon tavern/PH, Duke of Wellington
ANTHONY Isaac Coggeshall, boot and shoe maker
ANTHONY William Coggeshall, farrier
APPLEFORD William Coggeshall, general dealer in groceries &c
APPLEFORD William Coggeshall, baker
APPLEFORD William Coggeshall, corn dealer
APPLETON Edward Maldon auctioneer/appraiser
APPLETON Edward Southend baker & confectioner
APPLETON Edward Maldon perfumer & haircutter
APPLETON Henry Rochford baker, corn and flour dealer
APPLETON Sarah Maldon milliner & dressmaker
APPLETON Sarah Maldon straw hat maker
ARBREY Jos. Epping corn factor, High Street
ARCHER Colchester auctioneer, Trinity St (& Blatch)
ARCHER George Saffron W gardener/seedsman, George Lane
ARCHER George Chipping Ongar, glover, High Street
ARCHER George Colchester grocer, High St
ARCHER J D Safron Walden worsted yarn mkr, Church St
ARCHER James Dunmow tavernkeeper, White Horse
ARCHER John Saffron W, corn factor, Cucking Stool Lane
ARCHER Robert Halstead basket maker, High St
ARCHER Thomas Chelmsford, fire insce agt, High St (Ryl Exchge)
ARGENT William Colchester tailor/woolen draper, Crouch St
ARGENT William Colchester brewer Duck Lane, North Hill
ARGENT William Waltham Abbey PH, Red Lion
ARGLES Thomas Epping wine/spirit mcht, High Street
ARGLES Thomas Epping, banker's agent, High Street
ARNOLD George Rochford PH/inn, New Ship
ARNOLD George Rochford carpenter
ARNOLD Thomas Chelmsford, innkeeper, Three Mariners, Moulsham
ARTHY Joseph Chelmsford, milliner, High Street
ASHKETTLE Sarah Romford inn/PH, The Dolphin
ASHMOLE Sarah Ilford tavern/PH, The Angel
ASHTON J Romford inn/PH, White hart
ASPLAND William Waltham Cross tailor
ATKINSON Francis Saffron Walden maltster, High St
ATTERWELL William Romford grocer, High St
ATTWELL W H Romford watch mkr & jeweller, High St
AUSTEN Thomas Waltham Abbey, supt of HM flour mill
AUSTEN William Braintree, hatter, High Street
AYLETT Colchester tavern, Bell, Moor Lane
AYLETT John Rochford tailor


BABBS Robert Maldon corn merchant/dealer
BACK William Coggeshall, bookseller/stationer/printer
BACON D F Colchester, groceries &c, East Hill
BACON John Colchester tavern, Star & Garter, East Hill
BACON Margaret Maldon fruiterer
BACON Mary Manningtree PH/Inn, The King's Head
BACON Richard Manningtree wine & spirit mercht
BACON William Chelmsford innkeeper, "Black Boy", High Street
BAGG William Colchester wine/spt mcht, Wyre St
BAILEY John Ilford saddler
BAILEY Mark Waltham Cross saddler &c
BAILEY William Saffron Walden Inn, King's Arms, Market Hill
BAILEY (TURNER &) Stratford soap maker
BAINBRIDGE George Saffron Walden PH, Green Dragon, Market Place
BAINBRIDGE George Saffron Walden vet surgeon, Market Place
BAINES Peter Colchester, groceries &c, Culver Street
BAKER Chipping Ongar, attorney, High St (Henley&Baker)
BAKER Amelia Stratford academy, prep boys'
BAKER Francis Colchester baker, Barrack St
BAKER Henry W Colchester vet surgeon, Head St
BAKER Isaac Waltham Abbey PH, The Harp
BAKER J Colchester tavern, Hare & Hounds. Botolph St
BAKER James Grays carrier, van to London 2x weekly
BAKER John Colchester grocer/chandler, High St
BAKER John Harwich grocer etc
BAKER William Chelmsford, joiner/builder, Duke Street
BAKER William Chelmsford chemist/druggist, High Street
BAKER & MAY Maldon surgeon
BALDWIN Harriet Halstead, ladies' academy, High St
BALDWIN Margaret Halstead, ladies' academy, High St
BALLS John Maldon boot & shoe maker
BALM J Romford tobacco pipe maker, High St
BANISTER Jos. Colchester silversmith/jwlr, High Street
BANTOCK Daniel Stratford carpenter
BANTOCK Daniel Stratford Fire Office Agt, Phoenix
BARBER John Stratford confectioner & pastry cook
BARE William Colchester fruit/oyster packer, Head St
BARKER Francis Maldon bricklayer
BARKER James Maldon tavern/PH, The Crown
BARKER James Colchester surgeon, East Hill
BARKER Robert Colchester linen draper/haberdasher, High St
BARKER Samuel Stratford inn/PH, Two Brewers
BARKER Thomas Laytonstone brewer
BARKER William HenryStratford plumber/painter/glazier
BARLTROP Amory Chipping Ongar, blacksmith, High Street
BARLTROP Benjamin Epping blacksmith, High Street
BARLTROP Mrs Chipping Ongar, academy, High Street
BARNARD Abraham Thaxted miller, Sibley's Green
BARNARD James Stratford grocer &c
BARNARD John Waltham Abbey Fire Off Agt, Phoenix, Sun St
BARNARD John snr/jnr Harlow miller, Harlow Mill
BARNARD Robert Thaxted carrier, weekly cart to Saffron W
BARNARD Thomas Saffron Walden tailor/draper, Cate's Corner
BARNARD William Maldon boot & shoe maker
BARNARD William Thaxted butcher, New Biggin
BARNARD William Harlow maltster, Harlow Bury
BARNES J Colchester tavern, Ordnance Arms, Hythe
BARNES John Rochford barge owner
BARNES S Chelmsford public house, Lion & Lamb, Duke Street
BARNES William Saffron W, blacksmith, Butter market
BARNES William Saffron Walden ironmonger, Butter market
BARNETT Isaac Stratford pawn broker
BARON Charles Saffron W, boot/shoe maker, Market St
BARON Joseph Saffron W, boot/shoe maker, Butter Market
BARON Joseph Saffron Walden ironmonger, Fish Market
BARRELL Savage Billericay, grocer/tallow/corn/wine/brandy mcht
BARRETT Thomas Billericay, watchmaker, jeweller, ironmonger
BARRITT James Colchester turnery & toy w'house, Head Gate
BARRITT James Colchester fire/life agt, London Union, Head Gate
BARTER Abraham Harwich PH/tavern, Royal Oak
BARTLETT Elizabeth Romford Fire Office agt, Phoenix, Collier Row La
BARTLETT Elizabeth Romford undertaker/carpenter, Collier Row Lane
BARTLETT Robert Chelmsford, attorney, Duke Street
BARWELL Charles Witham butcher
BARWELL Edmund Witham butcher
BARWELL Henry Witham butcher
BARWELL Robert Maldon carpenter
BARWICK James Waltham Abbey grocer &c, Market Pl
BASHAM William Epping painter/plumber/glazier, High St
BASKETT James Colchester tavern, Plough, Magdalen St
BASSOM James Billericay, painter and glazier
BATE Richard Waltham Abbey grocer &c, Sun St
BATE William Dunmow, ran an academy
BATEMAN Robert Stratford surgeon
BATHER William Colchester boot/shoe maker North Hill
BATHURST William Rochford attorney
BATTLE Thomas Chelmsford, grocer, Conduit Street
BAWTREE Colchester Banker, High St (Mills Bawtree & Co)
BAWTREE John & Co Colchester wine/spt mcht, Botolph St
BAWTREE John & Co Colchester brewer Botolph St
BAWTREE Samuel & Co Colchester distiller, Hythe
BAXTER Robert Maldon bricklayer
BAYLY James Southend house agent
BAYNES Benjamin Walthamstow coal merchant
BAYNES John Saffron Walden ropemaker, Fish Market
BCKERTON Henry Stratford tin plate worker
BEADELL James Witham builder
BEADELL James Colchester surveyor/architect, High Street
BEADELL James jnr Witham auctioneer & surveyor
BEALES Robert Manningtree builder, Lawford
BEARD George Coggeshall, carpenter
BEARD George Coggeshall, brewer
BEARD Isaac Coggeshall, innkeeper, "Greyhound"
BEARD James Waltham Abbey pattern maker, High Bridge St
BEARD Joseph Coggeshall, ironmonger and brazier
BEARD Mrs Maldon straw hat maker
BECK William Stratford inn/PH, King of Prussia
BECKETT Robert Maldon basker maker
BECKWITH Eli Rochford day school
BECKWITH William Coggeshall, boot and shoe maker
BEDWELL John Rochford boot/shoe maker
BELCHER Thomas Witham butcher
BELL James Colchester wheelwright, Magdalen St
BELL Samuel Colchester bricklayer Culver St
BELL Thomas Prittlewell saddler etc
BELTON George Stratford linen draper
BENNELL James Colchester painter/plumber &c, Queen St
BENNELL John Chelmsford boot/shoe maker, Conduit Street
BENNELL Jos. Colchester smith, Queen St
BENNELL & HAWKINS Colchester painter/plumber &c, East Hill
BENNET Thomas Coggeshall, watch and clock maker
BENNETT Richard Dunmow public house, Star Inn
BENNETT W Chelmsford public house, Mason's Arms, Moulsham
BENTAL Thomas Halstead coal merchant, Heddingham Lane
BENTALL John Halstead baker & flour dealer, High Street
BENTON James Ilford tavern/PH, The White Horse
BERRY & Son Manningtree coal/cinder merchts
BETTS William Colchester tin plate worker, High St
BEVIS John Romford, boot/shoe maker, Market Place
BILLINGSLEY & Co Harwich shipping agents
BIRD Edward Saffron Walden PH, The Castle, Castle St
BISH Thomas Stratford farrier
BISHOP Richard Harwich grocer etc
BISHOP Simon Stratford coach maker
BISSHOPP William Stratford millwright
BLACKBONE William Maldon customhouse clerk
BLACKBORN William Witham corn dealer
BLAKE William Stratford baker
BLAKER John Grays bargeowner, trading to St Catherine's &c
BLAKER John Grays druggist etc
BLAND Abednig Colchester tavern, George, High Street
BLAND J Colchester tavern, Sailor & Ball, Crouch St
BLAND William Colchester straw hat maker, High Street
BLATCH Colchester auctioneer, Trinity St (& Archer)
BLAXALL Elizabeth Witham PH keeper, The Red Lion
BLENKINS William Waltham Abbey academy/stationer, Sun St
BLICKE William M D Walthamstow surgeon etc
BLIZARD William Harwich PH/tavern, White Hart (posting inn)
BLOMFIELD E Romford milliner/dressmkr, High St
BLOMFIELD Robert Colchester butcher, Culver St
BLOMFIELD William Colchester fruit/oyster packer, High St
BLOOM James Manningtree collar maker
BLOOMFIELD George Dunmow painter/plumber/glazier
BLURTON Richard Romford inn/PH, Golden Lion
BLYTH Daniel O Colchester, agt to Barclay Perkins, Brewers
BLYTH Thomas Colchester baker and pastry cook, High St
BOATMAN Samuel Harlow painter/plumber/glazier, Back St
BODMORE William Chelmsford, glass/earthenware dlr, Conduit St
BOFFREE Samuel Walthamstow boot/shoe maker
BOLTON Thomas Colchester boot/shoe maker Crouch St
BOMAN Sarah Laytonstone linen draper
BOND Charles Stratford corn dealer
BOND John Thaxted innkeeper, The Sun, Town St
BOND Thomas Chelmsford public house, Golden Lion, Conduit St
BOND William Colchester tavern, Waggon & Horses, High St
BONINGTON & WAGHORN Romford milliner/dressmkr, High St
BORCHAM Samuel Saffron W, boot/shoe maker, Market St
BORRETT William Manningtree farrier
BORUM P S Epping saddler, High Street
BOULTON William Braintree druggist, High Street
BOULTWOOD S Chelmsford, innkeeper, White Horse, Widford
BOURNE Joseph Rochford shopkeeper
BOURNE Robert Romford, boot/shoe maker, High St
BOURNE William Romford undertaker/carpenter, High St
BOUTELL Joseph Braintree fire office agt, Royal Exchge, High St
BOUTFLOWER Charles Colchester surgeon, Crouch St
BOUTWOOD James Witham boot and shoe maker
BOWEN M Harwich grocer etc
BOWMAN James Stratford grocer &c
BOWTEL James Saffron Walden PH, Compasses, Cate's Corner
BOWTEL Thomas Harlow blacksmith, Mulbery Green
BOWTELL Mary Thaxted grocer/tea dealer, Town Street
BOWTELL William Thaxted carrier, weekly waggon to London
BOWTON John Romford inn/PH, The Swan
BOWYER William Chipping Ongar, linen draper, High Street
BOX John Manningtree saddler & harness maker
BOYER Francis Chipping Ongar, grocer, High Street
BOYTEN James Braintree joiner/bldr, Coggeshall Lane
BRADBURY James Halstead PH keeper, Rose & Crown, High Street
BRADFIELD Thomas Saffron Walden ropemaker/saddler, Market Hill
BRADLEY John Southend smith & farrier
BRADY Hugh Rochford horse dealer
BRAGG Thomas Prittlewell carpenter
BRAGGS William Colchester baker, High St
BRANCH Thomas Stratford grocer &c
BRAND John Witham general dealer, grocer &c
BRAND Joseph Witham boot and shoe maker
BRAND Richard Ilford grocer &c
BRAND Thomas Billericay, gardener & seedsman
BRANWHITE J Witham cooper
BRASIER Charles Coggeshall, plumber, painter and glazier
BRASIER John Coggeshall, cooper
BREAD Aaron Braintree, baker, The Square
BRETNELL Robert Witham miller
BRIDGE Coggeshall, cabinet mkr & upholsterr (Andrew & B)
BRIDGE Ferdinand Halstead tailor, High Street
BRIDGE Francis Colchester pastry cook etc, High St
BRIDGE John Colchester carpenter & bldr, Lion Walk
BRIDGE Mary Stratford haberdasher & milliner
BRIDGEMAN William Romford fruiterer, Market Place
BRIDGES Henry Chelmsford, coal merchant, Chelmsford Bason
BRIDGES John Maldon coal merchant
BRIDGES John Maldon salt refiner
BRIDGMAN James Harlow confectioner, High Street
BRIGHT Edward Maldon soap & candle maker
BRIGHT Esther Rochford butcher
BRIGHT John Chelmsford, veterinary surgeon, Duke Street
BRIGHT John Rochford maltster
BRIGHT William Dunmow gardener & seedsman
BRIGHTMAN Benjamin Colchester cooper, Botolph St
BRIGHTWEN Isaac Coggeshall, maltster
BRIGHTWEN Isaac Coggeshall, spirit merchant
BRIGHTWEN Robert Coggeshall, spirit merchant & brewer
BRILL Sarah Colchester milliner, High St
BRITTON Samuel Waltham Abbey grocer &c, High Bridge St
BRITTON Thomas Braintree corn factor, High Street
BROCKLEHURST George Rochford draper
BROCKWAYE Joseph Braintree, linen/woollen draper, Bocking
BROOKER Mary Colchester straw hat maker, Crouch Street
BROOKS John Stratford brewer (& Jn Burton Lucas)
BROOKS William Halstead wheelwright, Sudbury Road
BROOMHALL George Walthamstow grocer
BROWN Chelmsford banker, High St (Sparrow, Brown & Co)
BROWN Ann Prittlewell draper etc
BROWN Bartholomew Colchester coal merchant, Hythe
BROWN Bartholomew Colchester corn dealer, East St
BROWN Frederick Waltham Abbey confectioner, Sun St
BROWN Frederick Waltham Abbey hatter, Sun St
BROWN George Braintree, baker, High Street
BROWN J Colchester tavern, King's head, Balkerne La
BROWN John Romford fishmonger, High Street
BROWN John Colchester statuary/mason, East Hill
BROWN John Waltham Abbey surgeon, Sun Street
BROWN John Harwich PH/tavern, Half Moon
BROWN John Epping nursery & seedsman, High Street
BROWN Mary Halstead tavern keeper, Angel, Chapel St
BROWN Robert Ilford baker
BROWN Samuel Chelmsford baker & flour dealer, Duke Street
BROWN Stephen Colchester maltster, Crouch St
BROWN Thomas Chelmsford baker & flour dealer, Back Street
BROWN Thomas Colchester tavern, Horse & Groom, Crouch St
BROWN William Billericay, Governor of the Workhouse
BROWN Zachariah Chipping Ongar, innkeeper, "Anchor", High Street
BROWNE John D Walthamstow surgeon etc
BROWNING John Coggeshall, butcher
BROWNING William Coggeshall, baker
BRUSTER John Dunmow wheelwright
BRUTY Thomas Braintree innkeeper, Boar's head, High Street
BUCK William Waltham Abbey linen draper, Bridge St
BUCKINGHAM Jonathon Colchester boot/shoe maker Botolph St
BUDDEN Henry Colchester linen draper/haberdasher, Wyre St
BUDGMAN James Harlow baker, flour dealer, High Street
BUGBIRD Joseph Stratford basket maker
BUGG James Colchester boot/shoe maker High St
BUGG Joseph Colchester boot/shoe maker Botolph St
BUGG William Maldon customhouse Collector
BULL James Harwich PH/tavern, Spread Eagle
BULL Nicholas Rev Saffron W, vicarage
BULL William Chelmsford, furniture broker, Duke Street
BULL William Harwich PH/tavern, Three Cups (posting inn)
BULLEY William Maldon boot & shoe maker
BULLY Richard Maldon tailor & woollen draper
BULWER William Romford linen-draper, Market Place
BUMSTEAD William Colchester boot/shoe maker North Hill
BUNTON Robert Saffron W painter/plumber/glazier, Pudding Lane
BUNYON William Colchester saddler/harness mkr, Botolph St
BURCH E Saffron W, druggist, High Street
BURCHELL John Maldon butcher
BURDETT John Saffron Walden Inn, The Sun, Market Hill
BURFORD Elizabeth Waltham Abbey hosier, Sun St
BURGESS James Rochford painter/plumber etc
BURLEIGH James Saffron W painter/plumber/glazier, Market Street
BURMAN Sarah Braintree, glass/earthenware, The Square
BURNE Chelmsford, coal mchts (Peckover), Chelmsfd Bason
BURNINGHAM John Billericay, master of the free school
BURRELL Thomas jnr Billericay, tallow chandler
BURRELL Thomas snr Billericay, wine/brandy mcht, malt/hops etc
BURRELL William Epping tanner, Duck Lane
BURROWS George Rochford saddler/harness-maker, constable etc
BURROWS Henry Saffron W, druggist, Market Place
BURROWS R Walthamstow cheesemonger
BURTON Ann Epping, ran an academy, High Street
BURTON James Maldon wine/spirit mcht (spirits only & hop)
BURTON John Stratford basket maker
BURTON John Stratford cooper
BURTON Mary Anne Maldon milliner & dressmaker
BURTON Thomas Grays baker etc
BUSBRIDGE Alfred Maldon brewer
BUSBRIDGE Egbert Maldon tavern/PH, The Ship
BUSBRIDGE Thomas Maldon tavern/PH, The Swan
BUSBY James Romford grocer, Market Place
BUSH Benjamin Saffron W builder/joiner, Castle Street
BUSH John Dunmow tavernkeeper, The Harp
BUSHMAN Samuel Stratford watch/clock maker
BUTCHER Ann Billericay, agt to Royal Exchge fire/life office
BUTCHER John Harwich grocer etc
BUTCHER Mary Ilford grocer &c
BUTCHER Phillip Stratford butcher
BUTLER Charles Romford surgeon, Market Place
BUTLER James Chelmsford, wine/spirit mcht, New Street
BUTLER James Chelmsford, High Constable, New Street
BUTLER James Chelmsford, fire insce agt, New St (Ess/Sfk)
BUTLER Olding Colchester boot/shoe maker High St
BUTLER Olding Manningtree boot/shoe maker
BUTLER Thomas Witham grocer
BUTLER Thomas Witham linen draper
BUTT John Stratford pianoforte maker
BUTTLE Joseph Ilford wheelwright
BUTTON Mary Romford inn/PH, Compasses
BUTTONS Thomas Halstead academy, Colchester Road
BYFIELD William Colchester chemist/druggist, Botolph St
BYGRAVE John Maldon Fire Office agt, British
BYGRAVE John A Maldon wine/spirit mcht
BYGRAVE Robert Maldon wine/spirit mcht
BYGRAVE & Son Maldon grocer/cheesemonger


CALVER John Colchester butcher, East St
CAMPBELL Ann Braintree bookseller, The Square
CANDLER Chelmsford, draper, High St (Potter & Candler)
CANDLER Jesse Harwich boot/shoe maker
CANDLER William Colchester boot/shoe maker Wyre St
CANT Edward Colchester tavern, Three Horse Shoes, Hythe
CANT Henry Manningtree butcher
CANT James Manningtree gardener & seedsman
CANT John Coggeshall, general dealer in groceries &c
CANT Thomas Manningtree boot/shoe maker
CANT William Colchester nursery/seedsman, St John's St
CANT William Manningtree baker
CARDINAL James Halstead currier, High Street
CARDINAL Thomas Halstead boot/shoe maker, High Street
CARR James Waltham Abbey boot/shoe maker, Sun St
CARR John Ogilvy Colchester grocer, High St
CARR William Maldon stone mason
CARRINGTON Robert Harwich grocer etc
CARRITT Thos Smith Chelmsford, draper, High Street
CARRUTHERS James Romford surgeon, Market Place
CARRUTHERS Robert Stratford surgeon
CARTER Charles Rochford bricklayer
CARTER Elias Chipping Ongar, butcher, High Street
CARTER John Chelmsford, wine/spirit mcht, High Street
CARTER John Braintree corn factor, The Square
CARTER Jonathan Manningtree tailor & draper
CARTER Richard Romford inn/PH, Coach & Bell
CARTER Samuel Stratford grocer &c
CARTER Susannah Stratford inn/PH, The Bull
CARTER William Rochford bricklayer
CARTER William Billericay, surgeon
CARTWRIGHT John Braintree, The Horn inn, High Street
CATCHPOOL James Witham maltster
CATCHPOOL John Colchester ironmonger, Botolph St
CATCHPOOL Thomas Colchester ironmonger, High St
CATER George Colchester butcher, John's lane
CATLIN T & N Saffron W, currier & leather slr, High St
CATLIN T & N Saffron Walden maltster, High St
CAUCH John Manningtree perfumer & hair cutter
CAWSTON Robert Coggeshall, plumber, painter and glazier
CAWSTON William Harwich butcher
CHADSEY John Laytonstone linen draper & grocer
CHAFFER J Thaxted PH, Duke's Head, Town St
CHAFFER John jnr Thaxted PH, Saracen's Head, Town St
CHALK Chelmsford, auctioneer, High St (Chalk & Meggy)
CHALK Philemon Walthamstow boot/shoe maker
CHALLIS J H Walthamstow boot/shoe maker
CHALLIS John Braintree, stone mason, Bocking-end
CHALLIS Joseph Braintree blacksmith, Pig-market
CHAMBERLAIN Ananias Colchester tavern, Sea Horse, High Street
CHAMBERLAIN Charles Saml Stratford oil and colourman
CHAMBERLAIN James Colchester tavern, Queen's Head, Hythe St
CHAMBERLAIN Stephen Colchester tobacco pipe mkr, George La
CHAMPNESS Edmund Epping perfumer, High Street
CHAMPNESS Samuel Epping tavern/PH The Harp, High Street
CHAMPNESS T Epping land surveyor, High Street
CHAMPNESS Thomas Epping auctioneer, High Street
CHAMPNESS Thomas Epping joiner/builder, High Street
CHAPLIN Daniel Coggeshall, baker
CHAPLIN John Halstead tavern kpr, Dog & Partridge, Hdgton Lane
CHAPLIN John Colchester bkseller/printer, High St
CHAPLIN Richard Halstead coal merchant, High Street
CHAPLIN Richard Halstead corn merchant, High Street
CHAPLIN Thomas Harlow maltster, High Street
CHAPMAN Benjamin Harwich attorney
CHAPMAN Benjamin Harwich Fire Office agt, Ess/Sfk Equitable
CHAPMAN William Colchester butcher, High St
CHAPPELL Charles Witham smith
CHEEK Benjamin Dunmow bookseller & druggist
CHEEK George Dunmow bookseller & druggist
CHENERY W H Colchester linen draper, High St
CHIGNELL Thomas Colchester linen draper, Wyre St
CHILD Thomas Colchester tavern, Swan, Hythe
CHILDS Joseph Saffron W, baker & flour dlr, Castle St
CHIPPERFIELD Daniel Maldon general groceries etc
CHISNALL John Colchester tavern, Packet, Hythe St
CHIVERTON Thomas Chelmsford, miller, Duke Street
CHIVERTON Thomas Chelmsford baker & flour dealer, Duke Street
CHOAT Joseph Colchester baker, Hythe St
CHURCH John Colchester, attorney, Stanwell Street
CHURCH Mary Halstead grocer, High St
CLAPHAM George Chelmsford, tanner,Moulsham
CLAPTON James Maldon tailor & woollen draper
CLAPTON John Maldon boot & shoe maker
CLARANCE A & S W Thaxted surgeons, Watling Street
CLARICOTE J Braintree innkeeper, Orange Tree, Pig Market
CLARK Ann Epping painter/plumber/glazier, High St
CLARK Charles Colchester tavern, Star & Anchor, St John's Grn
CLARK Charles Epping tavern/PH White Lion, High Street
CLARK Henry Colchester butcher, Wyre St
CLARK Isaac Rochford smith and farrier
CLARK John Waltham Abbey leather breeches mkr, H Bridge St
CLARK John Billericay, corn factor
CLARK John Saffron Walden maltster, Bridge End
CLARK Louisa Prittlewell grocer & hardware dealer
CLARK Richard Coggeshall, butcher
CLARK Robert Saffron Walden Inn, Rose & Crown, Market Pl
CLARK Robert Saffron Walden maltster, Castle Street
CLARK T Colchester tavern, Joiner's Arms, Trinity St
CLARK Thomas Billericay, Albion House academy
CLARK widow Saffron Walden maltster, Gold Street
CLARK William Colchester painter/plumber &c, Trinity St
CLARK William Waltham Abbey PH, King's Arms
CLARK William Colchester tavern, Castle. North Street
CLARK William Rochford baker
CLARKE John Harwich baker
CLARKE John Southend day school master
CLAY Stephen Prittlewell boot & shoe maker
CLAYDON Elizabeth Witham milliner & dress maker
CLAYTON Hill Dunmow, grocer, tea dealer etc
CLAYTON James Billericay, basket maker
CLAYTON William Chipping Ongar, saddler, High Street
CLEMANCE John Coggeshall, tailor and draper
CLEMENT Stephen Chipping Ongar, 2 vans weekly to London
CLIFT Edward Chelmsford chemist/druggist, High Street
CLOUGH William Colchester cooper, Crouch St
CLUBES John Romford, auctioneer & cabinet mkr, Market Pl
CLUES Josiah Harlow, lieut & adjutant, Latten Vicarage
CLUNIE Thomas Colchester saddler/harness mkr, High St
CLUTTON Valentine Romford, agt to Ransome & Sons, founders etc
COA William Chipping Ongar, farmer, Castle Farm
COATES G & Co Chelmsford, coal merchant, Chelmsford Bason
COATES Samuel Halstead painter/glazier etc, High Street
COATS John Maldon timber merchant
COBBIN W Chelmsford public house, "Lord Nelson", Moulsham
COBBOLD Charles Colchester brewer North Hill
COBBOLD Charles Colchester maltster, North Hill
COBBOLD Thomas Harwich brewer
COCK John Dunmow gunsmith
COCK Sarah Colchester tavern, Sun, Maidenburgh St
COCK William Dunmow tavernkeeper, King's Head
COCKE George Thaxted carpenter/joiner, Town Street
COCKERELL James Billericay, smith and farrier
COCKRELL William Colchester tavern, Swan, High Street
CODLIN Francis Rochford smith and farrier
COE John Rochford baker, corn and flour dealer
COELL Thomas Epping maltster, High Street
COHEN Jacob Chelmsford, auctioneer, Back Street
COHEN Jacob Chelmsford, furniture broker, Conduit Street
COKER James Harwich grocer etc
COLBORNE Thomas Manningtree printer & bookseller
COLE J Harwich grocer etc
COLE John Colchester linen draper, Botolph St
COLE Joseph Billericay, butcher
COLEMAN J W Colchester ironmonger/founder, Head Street
COLLETT John Romford inn/PH, Bull
COLLIER John Romford butcher, Market Place
COLLIER P Romford miller, near the Barracks
COLLIER Stephen Romford cabinet maker, High St
COLLIER Stephen Romford Fire Office agt, Royal Exchange, High St
COLLIER Stephen Romford, auctioneer, High St
COLLIER Thomas Romford butcher, Market Place
COLLINS Harvey Harlow wheelwright, High Street
COLLINS John Billericay, baker &c
COLLINS John Chelmsford, architect, High Street
COLLINS Samuel Chelmsford brazier/tinman, High Street
COLLIS George Romford ironmonger, High St
COLLIS Richard Romford grocer, Market Place
COLLIS Samuel Chelmsford, iron monger, High Street
COLLIS Samuel Braintree saddler, High Street
COLLIS T & W Dunmow linen/woollen draper, tailor
COLLIS Thomas Dunmow ironmonger, brazier & tinman
COLLIS William Dunmow Fire Office agt, Royal Exchange
COMPORT Michael Rochford attorney, & clerk to tax commissnrs
CONEY William Braintree blacksmith, New Street
COOD Sarah Walthamstow saddler
COOK F Manningtree butcher & linen draper
COOK Francis Witham bricklayer
COOK Jacob Chelmsford, wheel wright, Duke Street
COOK James Halstead PH keeper, Three Crowns, High Street
COOK James Manningtree butcher
COOK John Harwich boot/shoe maker
COOK John Maldon carpenter & builder
COOK Mrs Romford, ladies' boarding school, Market Place
COOK Nathan Chipping Ongar, wheelwright, High Street
COOK R Harlow innkeeper, Green Man, Mulbery Green
COOK Samuel Colchester coal merchant, Hythe
COOK Thomas Braintree butcher, Bocking
COOK William Romford china/glass/Staffs w'house, Market Pl
COOPER ---- Witham cooper
COOPER George Thaxted millwright, Mill End
COOPER Hunter Chelmsford chemist/druggist, High Street
COOPER John Chipping Ongar, butcher, High Street
COOPER Mary Braintree, milliner, Bocking
COOPER Thomas Epping tavern/PH The Sun, High Street
COOPER Thomas Halstead cabinet maker, High Street
COOPER William Chipping Ongar, innkeeper, "Bull", High Street
COOTE J S Braintree painter/plumber, Bocking-end
COOTE James Braintree joiner/bldr, Back Lane
COOTE Mark Billericay, grocer & flour dealer
COPE Ann Braintree, ladies' academy, London Road
COPELAND Robert Waltham Abbey plumber &c, Market Pl
COPLAND John Chelmsford, attorney, High Street
COPPEN T Colchester carpenter, Magdalen St
COPPER John Colchester silversmith/jwlr, High Street
COPSALL John Rochford PH/inn, The Crown
COPSEY John Safron Walden perfumer, High St
COPSEY John Braintree, academy, Coggeshall Lane
CORBISHLEY John Witham grocer
CORDER Chelmsford, coal mchts (Marriage), Chelmsfd Bason
CORDER Edward Colchester tavern, Royal Oak, E Stockwell St
CORDER Elizabeth Coggeshall, academy
CORDER John Chelmsford, miller, Springfield
CORDER Joseph Coggeshall, tailor
CORNELL Edward Saffron Walden linen/woollen draper, High St
CORNELL J Stratford corn dealer
CORNELL William Billericay, White Hart Inn
CORNELL & WHITTAKER Saffron W grocer/tea dlrs, Hog's Green
CORNFOOT Allan Stratford baker
CORNHILL James Billericay, basket maker
COTTE Benjamin Witham cabinet maker & upholsterer
COTTE John & Co Witham cabinet maker & upholsterer
COTTIS William Witham perfumer & hair cutter
COTTON John Witham general dealer, grocer &c
COUCHMAN Thomas Waltham Abbey linen draper, Sun St
COUNT Charles Chelmsford, hosier & undertaker, High Street
COUNT William Chelmsford, grocer, Duke Street
COURTICE Robert Romford tailor & draper, Market Place
COUSINS Joseph Halstead furniture broker, Market Hill
COWEE John Chipping Ongar, baker & flour dealer, High Street
COWEE Thomas Chipping Ongar, tailor, &c, High Street
COWLAND Joseph Stratford inn/PH, Yks Gray & Spread Eagle
COWLAND Thomas Chelmsford, gunsmith, High Street
COWLAND Thomas Chelmsford, fire insce agt, High St (W of Engld)
COWLAND Thomas Chelmsford, auctioneer, High Street
COX Benjamin Billericay, straw hat maker
COX John Coggeshall, innkeeper, "Black Boy"
COX Phillip Waltham Abbey butcher, Sun Street
COX Phillip Waltham Abbey Fire Off Agt, Ryl Exchge, H Bdge St
COX William Saffron W, boot/shoe maker, Gold Street
COX & KNOCK Harwich bankers
CRACKNOLL Joseph Chipping Ongar, druggist, High Street
CRADDOCK A Stratford tailor
CRAMER Richard Chelmsford, surgeon, Duke Street
CRAMMER John Colchester butcher, East Hill
CRANE Henry Samuel Stratford mfg chemist
CRANE J Harwich bricklayer
CRANE George Harlow innkeeper, The George, High Street
CRASKE Charles Chelmsford baker & flour dealer, Duke Street
CREASY William Stratford inn/PH, The George
CREFFIELD John Colchester tavern, Dolphin, Hythe Street
CRESSEY J D Walthamstow boot/shoe maker
CRESSEY William Walthamstow boot/shoe maker
CRIBB Thomas Grays carpenter etc
CRICK Henry Stratford bookseller/stationer/library
CRICK James Rochford nurseryman and seedsman
CRICKETT Chelmsford banker High St (Crickett Russell & Co)
CRICKITT Colchester Banker, High St (C, Round & Co)
CRICKITT & RUFFLE Maldon bankers
CRICKMAR Robert Harwich cabinet maker
CRICKMORE James Witham grocer
CRICKMORE Susan Colchester tavern, Castle, High St
CRIDDLE Robert Philip Colchester hat maker, Wyre Street
CRISP Brewer Harwich bricklayer
CROOKS Charles Chelmsford baker & flour dealer, Moulsham
CROOKS Thomas Chelmsford butcher, High Street
CROSS Hezekiah Colchester tailor, Magdelen St
CROSS James Colchester grocer, High St
CROSS John Colchester furniture broker, High St
CROSS William Colchester tailor/woollen draper, Nicholas Street
CROSSLEY Jonas Stratford currier & leather cutter
CROW William Chelmsford public house, "Royal Oak", Back St
CROWE John Colchester carpenter, East Hill
CRUMP John Witham PH keeper, White Hart (commercial)
CULHUM George Southend PH, Hope Tavern
CURTIS James Stratford corn dealer
CURTIS John Laytonstone grocer &c
CURTIS Thomas Billericay, Black Bull Inn
CURTIS William Billericay, bricklayer
CURTIS William Ilford bricklayer
CURTIS William jnr Billericay, cabinet maker, upholsterer, house agt
CURTIS William snr Billericay, builder, brickmaker, merchant
CUSSINS Thomas Braintree brazier/tinman, High Street
CUTLER Mary Anne Colchester straw hat maker, Wyre Street
CUTTING Sidney Manningtree cooper & turner
CUTTS James Romford millwright, High Street


The historical trade directory and census listing of all of London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Sussex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire Oxfordshire, and Dorset. If you are searching for a historical address, try the census and street directory database. This is a Victorian view on the streets of london and the south of England.

A Historical Census Directory of Essex and Suffolk Villages and Towns

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