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Elmsett 1871 census - part seven

Elmsett index

Suffolk Genealogy and 1841 Essex census

Elmsett 1871

1871/John Knights/Journeyman Miller/78/Iken, Suffolk/Census
1871/Ann Knights/Wife/69/Stowmarket, Suffolk/Census
1871/George J Knights/Grandson/4/Elmsett, Suffolk/Census

Whatfield Road
1871/James Wright/Ag Labourer/36/Flowton, Suffolk/Census
1871/Mary R Wright/Wife/37/Flowton, Suffolk/Census
1871/George Wright/Son/13/Elmsett, Suffolk/Census
1871/Alice Wright/Daughter/11/Elmsett, Suffolk/Census
1871/John Wright/Son/8/Elmsett, Suffolk/Census
1871/Elizabeth Wright/Daughter/4/Elmsett, Suffolk/Census

1871/Robert Hiskey/Ag Labourer/21/Elmsett, Suffolk/Census
1871/Eliza Hiskey/Wife/21/Elmsett, Suffolk/Census
1871/Roseanna Hiskey/Daughter/2/Elmsett, Suffolk/Census
1871/Julia P Hiskey/Daughter/1/Elmsett, Suffolk/Census

1871/William Meadows/Journeyman Miller/23/Elmsett, Suffolk/Census
1871/Eliza Meadows/Wife/23/Elmsett, Suffolk/Census
1871/George Meadows/Son/1/Elmsett, Suffolk/Census

Robert Wilden (latterly Wilding) is born in Hitcham; the son of Mary Wilding. He is my great, great grandfather. In the 1841 census, he is listed as Robert Carlo, but changes his name to Wilden by the 1851 census. There are many instances of children in the early census showing as listed with the fathers names. Mary Wilding latterly marries Robert Carlo, the father. Robert Wilden is married to Caroline Death (one of three sisters married into the Wilding family). As can be seen from the childrens birth places, they are living in Hadleigh by 1861; and later move on to Elsett. Life must have been very hard in the early days of being an agricultural labourer, as can be seen by the very young aes that the sons were expected to work in the fields. ( Their eldest son, William, who was born in 1850 in Kettlebaston is not with them at this time; but lodging in Raydon, Suffolk a few years prior to marrying Mary Ann Cole in 1875 in Raydon. These are my great grand parents).

Naughton Road
1871/Robert Wilden/Ag Labourer/42/Hitcham, Suffolk/Census
1871/Caroline Wilden/Wife/40/Kettlebaston, Suffolk/Census
1871/John Wilden/Son, Ag Labourer/18/Kettlebaston, Suffolk/Census
1871/Frederick Wilden/Son, Ag Labourer/15/Kettlebaston, Suffolk/Census
1871/George Wilden/Son, Ag Labourer/10/Hadleigh, Suffolk/Census
1871/Susanna Wilden/Daughter/7/Hadleigh, Suffolk/Census
1871/James Wilden/Son/2/Hadleigh, Suffolk/Census
1871/Edward Wilden/Son/2/Hadleigh, Suffolk/Census

1871/Ann Cousins/Widow/53/Polstead, Suffolk/Census
1871/Charles Cousins/Son, Ag Labourer/22/Wheatfield, Suffolk/Census
1871/Henry Cousins/Son, Ag Labourer/19/Wheatfield, Suffolk/Census
1871/William Cousins/Son/8/Wheatfield, Suffolk/Census

1871/Isaac Turner/Ag Labourer/38/Felsham, Suffolk/Census
1871/Mary Turner/Wife/38/Gedding, Suffolk/Census
1871/Arthur Turner/Son, Ag Labourer/11/Felsham, Suffolk/Census
1871/Ellen Turner/Daughter/6/Felsham, Suffolk/Census
1871/Laura Turner/Daughter/3/Felsham, Suffolk/Census

## end Elmsett 1871 census ##

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