The Bardfield 1841 Essex Census

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Record AbodeNameSurnameMale-AgeFemale-Age :Trade ;
1Purnells FarmSamuelMitson30Farmer
2Purnells FarmJaneMitson30
3Purnells FarmSamuelMitson6
4Purnells FarmHenryMitson4
5Purnells FarmBenjaminMitson1
6Plumb LaneCharlesByford40Ag Labourer
7Plumb LaneMaryByford40
8Plumb LaneJuliaByford14
9Plumb LanePamiliaByford12
10Plumb LaneMatildaByford10
11Plumb LaneAugustaByford6
12Plumb LaneJamesByford4
13Plumb LaneMarkByford1
14Plumb LaneWilliamBranch55
15Plumb LaneSarahBranch60
16New GreenNathanTurpin46Ag Labourer
17New GreenMaryTurpin41
18New GreenSimonTurpin15
19New GreenNathanTurpin15
20New GreenWilliamTurpin12
21New GreenCharlotteTurpin9
22New GreenMaryTurpin7
23New GreenSolomonTurpin
24New GreenJamesThellick70
25New GreenBenjaminGoldstone20shoe maker
26New GreenSusanGoldstone15dress maker
27New GreenBenjaminGoldstone3
28New GreenJohnGoldstone1
29New GreenJohnSlater70Ag Labourer
30New GreenElizabethSlater70
31New GreenJesseOwens30Ag Labourer
32New GreenSarahOwens20
33New GreenMaryOwens5
34New GreenSusannahOwens2
35New GreenJeremiahHicks35Ag Labourer
36New GreenJaneHicks33
37New GreenJeremiahHicks15
38New GreenMaryHicks13
39New GreenSarahHicks11
40New GreenJohnHicks9
41New GreenHannahHicks8
42New GreenSusannahHicks6
43New GreenRobertHicks4
44New GreenElizaHicks2
45New GreenRobertHicks20Ag Labourer
46New GreenSarahHicks20
47New GreenElizabethHicks2 months
48New GreenJohnByatt50
49New GreenCorneliusByatt15
50New GreenHenryReynolds4
Record AbodeNameSurnameMale-AgeFemale-Age :Trade ;
51New GreenJohnHowland45Ag Labourer
52New GreenSarahHowland45
53New GreenJamesHowland15
54New GreenJohnHowland15
55New GreenThomasReynolds60
56New GreenElizabethReynolds50
57New GreenSusannahReynolds20
58New GreenHenryReynolds15
59New GreenThomasReynolds15
60New GreenJosephReynolds15
61New GreenSimonReynolds14
62New GreenElizabethReynolds13
63New GreenSusannahReynolds14
64New GreenSolomonReynolds11
65New GreenRobertReynolds9
66New GreenArthurReynolds1
67New GreenElizabethJohnson40
68New GreenRebeccaJohnson15
69New GreenJohnJohnson12
70New GreenEdwardFuller45Ag Labourer
71New GreenJemimaFuller45
72New GreenElizabethTurpin45
73New GreenJohnTurpin70Blacksmith
74New GreenSarahOwers60Independent
75New GreenCharlesOwers20
76New Green Young FarmSimonTurpin35Ag Labourer
77New Green Young FarmWilliamTurpin15
78New Green Young FarmSophiaTurpin12
79New Green Young FarmElizabethAdams50Independent
80New Green Young FarmHannahAdams15
81New Green Young FarmArthurAdams15
82New Green Young FarmAmelia??7
83New Green Young FarmAnne??75Independent
84New Green Young FarmThomasMaskcall35shoe maker
85New Green Young FarmMaryAdams20
86New Green Young FarmWilliamAdams5
87New Green Young FarmSolomonAdams1
88New Green Young FarmJohnByatt15
89New Green Young FarmHenrySavill35Ag Labourer
90New Green Young FarmSusanSavill35
91New Green Young FarmMeanna ?Savill15
92New Green Young FarmJohnSavill10
93New Green Young FarmElizaSavill7
94New Green Young FarmJonathanSavill4
95New Green Young FarmCarolineSavill1
96New Green Young FarmJamesBedlow35Ag Labourer
97New Green Young FarmSusanBedlow35
98New Green Young FarmHenryBedlow15
99New Green Young FarmElizabethBedlow13
100New Green Young FarmSarahBedlow6

The historical trade directory and census listing of all of London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Sussex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire Oxfordshire, and Dorset. If you are searching for a historical address, try the census and street directory database. This is a Victorian view on the streets of london and the south of England.

A Historical Census Directory of Essex and Suffolk Villages and Towns